Why Should Candidates Use a Recruitment Agency?

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Using a recruitment agency can really transform your candidate experience and help you secure the right role at the right pay faster. It’s particularly important for competitive office support jobs in London as it puts you in front of employers in the best way possible to get you noticed, plus you receive the best support. Not all recruitment agencies in London are created equally, but if you want to find out how to choose the best and how they will benefit you, then read on.

What do London recruitment agencies do?

Recruitment agencies do vary considerably in their scope. However, their fundamental role is to find jobs and work with employers to advertise their roles while matching candidates to the most suited positions. In a nutshell, the best recruitment agencies are very effective matchmakers.

They, like Love Success, also know that everyone is best served when relationships are put at the heart of what the recruitment agency does. They actively get to know both employers and candidates so they can act as a conduit to solving the “problem” of recruitment.

So, how can using a London recruitment agency benefit you?

Benefits of using recruitment agencies for candidates

  • Accessing employers

    By understanding why employers use recruitment agencies, you can see why it is in your interests as a candidate to seek out the best agency for your career area.

    Recruitment is hard work for employers and can be a costly process. They use recruitment agencies to make it considerably easier and less time-consuming. As such, the best employers don’t often use job boards themselves, but rather use recruitment agencies to do the legwork for them. To find the best jobs, you therefore need to find the best recruitment agency.

  • Understanding employers

    Because the recruitment agency will build a good and open relationship with the employer, they are best positioned to help the candidate understand what they are looking for. They can make sure you tailor your application to the right employer and their needs to avoid pitfalls.
  • Free job access

    When you embark on a job hunt, many platforms start adding in hidden costs. A recruitment agency won’t present any costs to the candidates, making them a free job search resource. They usually have their own job board with jobs in your sector, but they also provide extensive connections and a useful network of help and support.
  • They have excellent insight

    Part of our role as a recruitment agency is to have our finger on the pulse of the jobs market, specifically in relation to office support jobs in London. This allows us to guide candidates skilfully. In addition, the agency’s insight helps to ensure you use your job hunting time and efforts most effectively, rather than wasting resources on jobs that are unlikely to work out in the end, for example because of different expectations.
  • Support with job hunting

    Job hunting is stressful. A good recruitment agency will help you navigate the process. They will support you with everything from writing your CV to interview preparation. They can even help you develop additional skills if needed.
  • Negotiate with employers

    When you are offered a job, it can be awkward and difficult getting agreement on terms and conditions. The best recruitment agencies in London help to negotiate everything, from starting salaries to flexible working.

A recruitment agency is able to make your job hunt much more fruitful. Find one specialised in your area and benefit from their support. At Love Success, we are always eager to welcome new candidates, so register with us and discover just how much a great recruitment agency can help.


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