What Do You Like about Temping in London?

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With pandemic restrictions lifted, temps have been increasingly important to London employers, who have had to navigate difficult staff shortages in every sector, at a time of skills shortages. As such, those interested in temporary jobs in London have been kept very busy!

Given all of the changes of the last few years, we thought it’d be interesting to share snippets of our chats with some of our temps about their experiences temping in London so far in 2022.

It’s been so busy!

Amanda tells us, “I’ve been temping after being made redundant during the Covid crisis. However, there’s never been so much choice for temp roles. When each contract ends, my recruitment consultant at Love Success always has a huge choice of jobs for me. It’s great because I’ve really been able to cherry pick what I want to do.”

There are great wages

“Each new contract seems to come with an increase in pay,” says Joe. “I think temps are in such high demand at the moment that this is reflected in good wages being offered. I’ve always found that temping in office support roles is well paid, but at the moment, it’s brilliant!”

Bosses are stressed

“The reality is that bosses are pretty stressed right now,” reports Jamil. “They are adjusting to changes and many of them are dealing with skills shortages. This means that as a temp, you’re often coming in to firefight. I love being able to come in and solve problems and reduce some of that stress.”

Hybrid working is complex for temps

Simon says, “Hybrid working is happening in some form or other in pretty much every workplace I’ve temped in since the start of the year. But as a temp, it’s harder to take advantage of. I’ve found that with temping, employers either want you in the office full-time, or they want you working remotely full-time. Most want you in the office. I hope that in time employers can be as flexible about hybrid working for temps as they are for their permanent staff.”

There’s a huge amount of choice

CJ points out, “I love that I can pretty much choose which sector I want to work in at the moment. There’s demand across sectors.”

I’m building experience quickly

Jordan tells us, “I’ve been temping since I graduated last summer. It was a tricky time to find a job because of the pandemic, so temping seemed like a good plan. It’s definitely proven to be true! I’ve really benefitted from gaining lots of varied work experience doing different jobs in different sectors. It’s helped me work out how I want to build my career. My current placement has offered me a permanent job and I’m ready to take it because I’ve been able to ‘try before I buy’”.

Do you want to do temping in London?

Now is a great time for temps with lots of vacancies in many different roles. Why not grab a cuppa and spend some time browsing our temporary jobs in London?


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