The Benefits of Temporary Jobs in London

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As one of the leading recruitment agencies in London, we know that there are hundreds (if not thousands!) of people building exceptional careers using temp work. However, we also know that many of us are still stuck with a dated mindset about temporary jobs, believing them to only be for low-skilled labour and not for those taking their careers seriously.

However, temping in London is no longer second-rate to permanent positions. Employers are recognising this and candidates increasingly understand this, too. Failing to consider temporary contracts is misguided and can actually damage your access to opportunities.

So, here we throw out the old ideas about temporary jobs and share with you the benefits.

The benefits of temping in London

  • Money

    Believe it or not, the amount you can earn as a temp often rivals that of similar permanent positions. Employers know that they have to pay a premium to compensate temps. Temp wages have been rising rapidly over the last few months. What’s more, you can scale the salary brackets more quickly as a temp. You don’t have to wait for a promotion—instead, you can apply for the next “level” as soon as you have the relevant experience.

  • Security

    Previously, many shunned temping in London because it wasn’t as secure as a permanent position. However, in reality, many don’t realise that they are actually on equal footing, especially if you choose to only temp through one London recruitment agency. Permanent employees that have been with their employer for less than two years will have exactly the same rights as you do, and you have the same entitlements to sick leave and holiday pay.

  • Flexibility

    Temping offers greater flexibility, which is ideal for those who need it, for example because they have school-aged children, or want it, for example to allow for extended holidays.

  • Experience

    Temping allows you to gather experience much more rapidly than in a permanent role. You can actively cherry pick roles that develop the skills you need and add breadth and depth to your experience.

  • Testing

    If the “career for life” hasn’t worked out and you want to try out a new career or sector before committing, temping allows you to do just that, as well as testing out an individual employer in a try-before-you-buy situation. Many temp roles become permanent and this can be a good way of sampling an employer and workplace before getting on board in the long run.

  • Way in

    Employers are also increasingly using temporary candidates in a try-before-they-buy manner. Many good quality jobs are only recruited through a temporary basis first. The employer wants to see if the role is right for their needs, but also wants a better way of assessing candidates than the traditional application process allows. As such, temping is often the way in to the job or employer you’re after.

  • Networking

    Those in temporary jobs benefit from building a diverse and complex network of professional connections that can help in the future.

There is much choice at the moment for those looking for temporary jobs in London. Register as a candidate or get in touch and enjoy the benefits of temping.


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