Traditions You Must Experience When Living and Working in the UK

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You’ve secured your Tier 5 visa and you’re well on the way to finding a job in London, but you want to know a bit more about what to expect. You can always discover a lot about a country by looking at its traditions. Here is our selection of British traditions that you have to enjoy when you’re in London.

1. The pub

The pub is part of British culture, but pubs themselves can vary. From a quiet watering hole to a wonderful gastro pub where you can experience the roast dinner, you’ll be spoilt for choice in London. You’ll also get to discover the tradition of paying for rounds, and sometimes in the summer you may even come across Morris dancers outside.

2. Tea (and biscuits)

When you live and work in London, you’ll soon discover the power of “putting the kettle on”. It’s there in good times and bad. If you want to level up your tea time experience, make sure you partake in the tradition of afternoon tea with scones and finger sandwiches!

3. Guy Fawkes Night

The 5th of November is a bizarre British holiday commemorating the time some geezer didn’t succeed in blowing up the Houses of Parliament. The foiled Gunpowder Plot is celebrated with fireworks and “burning the guy” in a bonfire—usually an effigy of a disrespected public figure.

4. Pie n’ Mash

Londoners have some unusual food traditions (jellied eels anyone?), but one that’s worth your appetite is Pie and Mash. Lashing of gravy is essential.

5. Football

Not every Brit is into football, but those who are follow it with passion. Much of our culture centres on football, from chanting at matches to watching it in the pub.

6. Wimbledon

Another sporting tradition that concentrates many other British traditions is the Wimbledon tennis tournament in June. Roll out the Pimms & Lemonade and the Strawberries & Cream to really get in the spirit.

7. Fish and chips

It’s got to be fish and chips for a classic British meal. Sometimes simply known as a “chippie tea”, it’s a must-have at least once.

8. Theatre

The Brits are famed for their culture, but in London you’re really treated to some spectacular theatre and it’s a tradition worth saving the pennies for. The West End is where you can see some of the biggest shows, but there are lots of other theatres dotted throughout London. At Christmas, don’t miss a pantomime.

9. English Breakfast

It’s another foodie one—and definitely not something the average modern Brit tucks into every day—but the English Breakfast is a wonderful tradition. Perfect after a heavy night in the pub or the club, an English Breakfast will keep you fully fuelled for the day.

10. Festivals

The Brits and festivals go hand in hand. Whatever takes your fancy, you can bet there’s a festival to celebrate it. From literary festivals to rock music, they are a way of British life. Many take place in London or within easy reach.


We can’t possibly list all of the British traditions for you to try, but you can be sure that there are plenty. From curry nights to the Queen’s speech at Christmas, you’re sure to enjoy your time living and working in London. Want to find a job in the UK? We’re here to help.


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