Why do Aussies and Kiwis Love Moving to London?

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Last year, there were 87,000 Aussies residing in the UK. There are tens of thousands of New Zealanders, too. Moving to the UK, and to London in particular, is very appealing to those from the other side of the world. But what do Aussies and Kiwis really love about living and working in London?

1. Finding a job is easy

Finding a job in London when you come from Australia or New Zealand is easy. There’s a high demand across all sectors, so you’ll have no trouble securing a job in your chosen field. Don’t forget—you already speak the language.

2. Londoners work hard, play hard

Whether your idea of “play” is visiting a world-class free museum or going to a gig, your social life in London will be pumping. Expect to put in the hours at work, but then enjoy a vibrant social scene out of hours, too.

3. London salaries are higher than elsewhere

The cost of living is higher in London, but the salaries reflect this. If you want a higher income when you move to the UK, choose to work in London.

4. The culture feels homely

The Brits aren’t a million miles from the Aussies and the Kiwis in terms of their humour, traditions, and culture. You will quickly feel at home with the British lifestyle.

5. Europe is just two hours away

It’s hard to imagine, but you can hop on a train in central London and within a couple of hours be tucking into a croissant in Paris or enjoying a beer in Belgium. Whether you want to visit Helsinki, Krakow, Munich, or anywhere else in Europe, it’s all just a short flight away. Additionally, for Antipodeans used to expensive travel, you’ll be blown away by the low-cost options. It’s just fantastic if you’re looking to discover lots of countries for a true Overseas Experience.

6. You won’t be alone

London is the hub for Aussies and Kiwis in the UK. You won’t be able to turn a corner without meeting a fellow Antipodean. The expat community is welcoming and thriving.

7. The culture is awe-inspiring

The UK is incredible when it comes to culture. You’ve got history galore and more exhibitions, attractions, and museums than you’ll fit within your Tier 5 visa stay! There’s always a festival or celebration, and plenty to get stuck into.

8. Brits love sport too

Rugby, football, tennis, biking… there are lots of opportunities to pursue whatever you want.

9. It’s one of the easiest places to move to

If you’re over 18 and under 31, then you can use a two-year Tier 5 visa to easily move to the UK. Moving anywhere else is more complex.

10. The weather is mild

For all the stereotyping about rain (which is less than Paris and the same as Sydney!), the climate in London is welcoming. It’s not extreme and the seasons are wonderful. You will get days on a rooftop bar with a Pimms, but you’ll also love kicking up the leaves in autumn in one of the parks.


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