What’s It Like Working in the UK from Abroad?

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With pandemic restrictions lifting, more and more people are looking to restart their plan of moving to the UK and working in London. We thought it’d be helpful to hear advice, observations, and top tips from others in your position.

It’s easier than I thought

Jane tells us, “Working in the UK has been easier than I thought it would be. I use Love Success to help find roles. I work in administration and I’ve been working short contracts.”

My career is flourishing

“I’ve got several friends who have come to the UK, too,” says Eric. “They are all in low-paid bar work because they haven’t really realised they could do anything else. My degree is in business finance and I’m taking advantage of working in the London financial sector. My CV looks better than ever and I’m sure it’ll help me secure a management level role when I return home.”

Don’t forget National Insurance

“Get your head around the UK income tax and National Insurance methods,” advises Diya. “National Insurance is basically an extra tax and it’s taken off your income just the same. It can be a shock seeing lots of your pay go on NI if you’re not expecting it! But it covers healthcare and other social support.”

Get UK help with your CV

Gabby says, “Working with one of the best recruitment agencies in London is so important. For me, I had my CV ready, but it was really great to get my consultant at Love Success to help me tweak it and make it UK-friendly. For example, did you know that it’s not the done thing to include your date of birth or age on your CV?”

Be on time

Joshua reports, “Be on time! The Brits are sticklers for punctuality and as a non-Brit you’re not given any leeway for being late. It’s assumed it’s cultural, even if it’s just that you missed your train!”

Small talk matters

Michael shares, “It’s very normal to start business conversations and meetings with small talk. No one jumps straight in. Be prepared to chat about the weekend, people’s family, and yes, the weather!”

Communication styles

Depending on where you come from, communication styles can differ. Ava tells us: “I’ve noticed that the Brits are less direct than I’m used to back home. You need to understand euphemisms and indirect communication. It takes a bit of practice to understand what people are really saying and also how not to appear rude when you want someone to do something, too!”

Working hours

Leo says, “In London, there is an ethos of working hard and playing hard. The pub and bar culture after work is vibrant, but expect to go there after working quite long hours. No one walks out the door at 5pm, so it can be awkward if you’re the first to get up and leave.”

We can help you adjust

We help people like you move to London and find work. We’re on hand to help you job hunt but also learn to navigate the UK working environment.


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