What Jobs Can You Do in London when Travelling?

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The Overseas Experience (OE) is a huge thing for many young Aussies and Kiwis, and with pandemic restrictions easing many Antipodeans are looking to restart their dreams of an OE focusing on the UK. Work will be an important part of the OE (not least for funding it), but are you limited to antisocial hours in hospitality or poor pay in retail?

Here we explore looking for jobs in England and the types of roles you can do. We assure you that it’s not just possible to continue building your career, but with some time working in the UK, especially in London, you can boost it.

Working in the UK: your choices

Most people coming to the UK for their OE will arrive on a Tier 5 visa. This allows you to work for up to two years, including for the same employer (which is different for many Brits going to Australia, for example). Bar work or retail are easy and quick options, but neither pay very well nor will they progress your career. Another popular option is to be an au pair. However, if you want your career to thrive while you’re in the UK, and to have enough money to live and enjoy your time here (and even do some European travel), what else can you do?

  • Personal assistants

    The PA role is popular and skilled PAs are in high demand in London. Business leaders and executives use PAs across a range of sectors. Duties include diary management, inbox management, communications, making travel arrangements, and general administration.

  • Administration

    There is a high demand for administrators in London. If you have strong organisational skills and excellent computer literacy, then admin roles will be easy to secure. You can find temporary admin roles, but with two years to offer you can also work in a “permanent” role and enjoy the accompanying benefits.

  • Finance

    London is, of course, the financial capital of Europe. As such, if you are building a career in finance, you will benefit from having London on your CV. There is a huge range of roles available, depending on your qualifications and experience.

  • Marketing

    With the vast number of businesses in London, there is always a lookout for those with marketing skills. From social media executives to PR officers, these roles come up very regularly on both a temporary and a permanent basis.

  • Customer services

    A previous trend to offshore customer service in the UK is largely being reversed, and as a result there is a push for more English-speaking London-based customer service agents. This work is easy to get on a temporary basis, so it can fit around your travel ambitions.

  • Human resources

    London is home to many headquarters, which means there is a high concentration of HR work.

Temporary work in London

Many office support jobs in London are available on a temporary basis. It is common to find contracts offered for three months to a year to cover things like maternity leave. In addition, London employers often use temporary contracts to manage their hiring commitments. This means there are often valuable opportunities for temps, which can work really well for those enjoying their OE.

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