Top Tips for Finding Work in London as a Kiwi

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Are you a Kiwi embarking on a job hunt in London? Here, we share our top tips to make sure everything works out…

Understand visas

It’s not as complicated as it once was, but it’s also not straightforward, so get cracking with sorting out your visa. Most Kiwis come over and work in London on a two-year Tier 5 Youth Mobility visa.

Work from the start

Don’t waste time—find a job very early on. Two years go by quickly, so the best recruitment agencies for Kiwis in London understand that you need to get into a role fast. You can contact us before you even leave New Zealand!

Assess your skills

Don’t limit your options to bar work or similarly low-paid roles. Do an assessment of your skills and then take a look at the skills that employers are looking for in London. If you’ve got office-based experience, you should be able to build on your career here. This is excellent news for Kiwis; the opportunities in NZ are much more limited, so when you return, you’ll have enviable and attractive experience that will make it easier for you to continue building your career.

Write your CV in advance

Don’t wait until you arrive. Have your CV ready for action.

Use temporary jobs in London

Don’t think of temping as second-rate—it’s not, especially in London. You can get excellent office support jobs here, with placements lasting from a few days to a few years. Perfect for those looking to combine work and travel.

Sort your bank account early

This will be one of the hardest things you do. If you can, get your NZ bank statements sent to a UK address several months in advance of your move. It’ll help so much. Failing that, consider an international account.

Use your network

If you know people in the UK already, check if they would be happy to help you find your feet—most will be! Having a base in the early days to organise your accommodation and work can be really handy. It can be tough to sort accommodation without a job, or find a job without accommodation, so this is a great help.  Social media groups like Kiwis in London are invaluable resources to meet people, find jobs in London and settle in quickly.  Kiwis in London has supported Kiwis and Aussies coming to London for over 10 years with free events, accommodation, advice and guidance.

Learn about healthcare

Opt to pay the NHS surcharge when you apply for your visa. This means you can use the National Health Service, which is largely free at the point of use. You’ll need a National Insurance (NI) card, which is pretty easy to organise when you arrive. Depending on how much you earn, you may also then pay NI, just like regular Brits.


Love Success is one of the best recruitment agencies in London for Kiwis looking for work. We specialise in office support roles, so you can be sure that your career will continue soaring during your Overseas Experience. We can help you navigate finding jobs in London. Get in touch before you leave NZ or come and visit us in your early days at our Covent Garden office.


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