Pros and Cons of Living and Working in London

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If you’re considering living and working in London, then you’re definitely not alone. Around 37% of the population of London was born outside the UK! But it’s a pretty big deal to consider moving over 10,000 miles. We’re here to help you weigh up the pros and cons of moving to London.

Pros of moving to London

  • Business capital: Want to give your career rocket fuel? Work in London. The world’s biggest businesses have their bases—and many have their HQ—here.
  • Employment opportunities: There is a high demand for workers, both temporary and permanent, across multiple sectors. Finding a job in London should be relatively easy.

  • Salaries: Salaries are good and higher in London than elsewhere in the UK.

  • Community: There are lots of other Australians and New Zealanders living and working in London.

  • Safety: London is safe, especially when compared to many other global cities. It’s mostly under CCTV surveillance and is ranked as the 14th safest city in the world.

  • Health: Aussies and Kiwis moving to London can make use of the National Health Service. This means you can visit a doctor and have a course of treatment and barely dip your hand in your pocket, except for a small prescription charge.

  • Culture and history: There’s so much to learn—you’ll be amazed.

  • Transport: You won’t need a car. If you can’t walk, you can use the excellent public transport.

  • Green spaces: London is awash with huge parks. You can nip out of the office at lunchtime and feel like you’re in the countryside.

  • Travel: London is close to the rest of Europe and travel is easy.

Cons of moving to London

  • Expense: Cost of living is high, but salaries reflect this. Salaries are generally higher in Australia, too.

  • Crowds: London is busy and it can be jammed with tourists as well. Using the Tube (underground trains) can leave you feeling like a squashed sardine.

  • Property size: Homes are relatively small for Australians and New Zealanders. It’s the capital city in a small country; space is at a premium.

  • Weather: It’s changeable. And the Brits talk about it—a lot. Keep an umbrella on you and remember that the grey skies help you appreciate the sunny days.

  • Customer service: Londoners have a bit of a bad rap for being rude. But it’s not always the case and most people are pretty polite.

  • Banking: Opening a bank account as a newly arrived non-Brit is about the toughest thing you’ll do. Don’t panic, though; there are ways around the difficulties, so do your homework.

All in all, the pros of moving to London definitely outweigh the cons for most people. Indeed, many of the cons can be seen as part of the unique experience that living in another city or country brings. It’s no surprise that it is such a popular destination for people looking for work.

We are proud Londoners and love welcoming newbies to our city and helping them find work. Find out more about moving to London.


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