Hybrid Working Is Here to Stay

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Recent research from the Chartered Institute of Management (CMI) reveals that over 80% of people are working in a hybrid fashion, despite lockdowns being well behind us. The vast majority are happiest with hybrid working. It’s an expectation of employees, but it’s also an expectation of employers.

Why is hybrid working beneficial?

Hybrid working suits office support jobs in London perfectly. There are notable benefits for both the business and the individuals working in it, too.

For businesses, hybrid working has resulted in greater efficiency and productivity. It’s seen as best practice and a way to motivate and offer employees the flexibility they want.

For employees, hybrid working is the best of both worlds. The office is there for engaging closely with your team and colleagues as necessary, with resources as needed. You can go in and network, collaborate, and even socialise. But working from home means you benefit from some days without the dreaded London commute and uninterrupted hours to crack on with certain tasks. In addition, hybrid working makes it easier to balance the demands of your personal life.

Employers need to realise it’s here to stay

However, despite its obvious benefits, not all employers are embracing hybrid models of working. Many are strong-arming employees back to traditional in-the-office patterns without the flexibility hybrid working affords. It’s one thing to encourage employees back to the workplace for the majority of the week, it’s another to lay down the law and prevent any flexibility.

And it’s a dangerous game for employers to play in the current climate. Candidates are in a strong position at the moment and some businesses’ unadaptable approach is causing notable movement. Hybrid working offers a degree of autonomy that can’t be priced in salary terms, and instead, disgruntled employees will vote with their feet. Given the majority of companies are offering hybrid working, that seems very short-sighted!

Right now, data shows that the lion’s share of companies supporting hybrid working is bigger businesses. This could be dangerous for smaller employers that already need to work harder to attract and retain the best talent.

What it means for your job hunt

The data shows us that candidates can make their own decisions on the degree of hybrid working they are looking for. The hybrid model is inherently flexible, but it means different things for different people. For some it means four days in the office and one at home, with that day set each week. For others, even more flexibility is permitted. The working pattern that suits you as an individual will depend on multiple different factors in the job you do and within your personal life.

As such, we highly recommend that candidates strongly consider what they truly want from hybrid working before embarking on a job hunt. This allows you to select employers that can offer what you are looking for.

Chat with your recruitment consultant about your hybrid working aspirations when looking for office support jobs in London. They can help you find the balance you need.


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