How to Handle the Stress of Losing a Job

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Job loss is one of the five most stressful events you can go through. It’s up there with divorce, major illness, and the loss of a loved one. This situation is incredibly difficult, and something our London recruitment agency recognises every day. Here, we share with you our top tips for handling the stress of losing a job. 

Recognise it’s hard

The first step to coping with the stress is to acknowledge it and accept that this time is hard. Lack of control often sits at the heart of this stress, and recognising that can actually be really helpful with dealing with it. It’s important to effectively grieve what you’ve lost so that you can accept the reality. If you think of it like grieving, it’s very understandable that you will experience things such as low mood and anger.

Do the maths

Much of the job loss stress can link back to concerns about financial security, especially at the moment with concerns regarding things like inflation and vastly rising energy bills. Sit down and budget—work out where you can make savings so that you can meet your most important needs. Figure out how much you need to cover expenses. Remember that doing some temp work in London might just help until you find something more permanent. It’s also possible to make it through a lean time by doing things like asking for a short-term mortgage holiday. 

If things are really tricky, remember that this is what benefits are for. Use the calculator at Entitled To and determine if you can access any help. 

Start setting career goals

Gain some control back by setting career goals. This is a great opportunity to consider what you want from your career. Set some goals, reach out to us, and let’s get a job search underway! Refresh your CV and use this time to undertake courses that could help give your career a boost. Keep track of the progress you’re making with your goals and job hunt, and you’ll soon start to feel in control again. 

Reach out to others

It can be lonely losing your job, whatever the reason. You might miss the social side of the workplace, and you may even be dealing with difficult emotions like shame. It can be helpful to reach out to friends and family for support, but also to your professional network. Rekindling connections will not only find you support in unexpected places, but you might learn new skills or open up a new opportunity. 

Use the time to reflect

Often in life we are simply on the treadmill. There isn’t time to reflect if our life is going in the direction we want. It can be hard to slow down when work is taken out of the equation, but it’s useful to do so for a while. It’s an opportunity to reflect and consider your future and what you want from life. 

However, try to retain some structure to your days so that you’re neither lying in bed all hours nor sending off applications 14 hours a day. Keep a healthy routine with physical exercise, good sleep, and healthy eating. 


Most importantly, we are here to help you move through this time and secure your next role. You never know, you may just end up being grateful for this opportunity for change after all! Register as a candidate.


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