Are You a Recruitable Temp?

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What makes a candidate for temporary jobs in London attractive and do you possess those qualities? Read on to find out what makes a good and “recruitable” temp, and learn how to make yourself stand out to employers, so that you can enjoy the most from temp work in the capital.

Are you reliable?

Just because an employer is considering using London temps doesn’t mean that they can cope with someone being unreliable. Indeed, it is perhaps more important that you are reliable during your brief stay with the business, as there’s no time to train you up or get you in shape.

You need to demonstrate that you will show up every day on time and complete the tasks assigned to you.

What you can do: Make sure that you have excellent references that prove your reliability. In addition, build a relationship with one London recruitment agency, so that your consultant can learn to trust you.

Are you adaptable?

Those in temporary jobs in London need to fall in quickly with new situations. You’ll need to be able to navigate different workplaces and add value straight away. If you move from placement to placement in a short period of time, you need to maintain your stamina without burning out.

What you can do: Practice makes perfect. Have an open mind and be prepared to try something new. This will expand your comfort zone and help you adapt to new situations.

Do you thrive under pressure?

If you are temping in London’s office support jobs, then the reality is that you will likely be in high-pressured environments often. Employers are attracted to candidates who can demonstrate that they perform well and achieve, despite being in a new and challenging environment.

What you can do: Think of some examples of when you coped well under pressure and exceeded expectations, and add these to your CV. Be prepared to talk at interviews about situations where you’ve thrived with a looming deadline.

Do you need more training?

This question is a little odd because we believe in the value of lifelong learning. But within a temporary position in your chosen office support job, can you get up and running quickly without much input? Do you know how to use the systems the company uses? Have you got experience in this field? Employers of temps don’t want to have to waste time training you.

What you can do: Plug the gaps in your knowledge in advance of applying for temping positions. We may be able to help you with free software training.

Can you build rapport quickly?

Temps need to hit the ground running. Can you enter a new workplace and quickly become part of the team? Can you flexibly fit the culture and easily get on with other people?

What you can do: Enter a new workplace with positivity and enthusiasm. Work quickly to make connections with others, so that you can be as productive as possible during your time with the company.


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