What’s Your Biggest Frustration When It Comes to Job Seeking?

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2022 is certainly going to be a busy year for job seekers, and while it looks like the playing field will be largely in the favour of the candidate, we know frustrations still crop up. Being on the job hunt can be lonely and littered with irritations. As such, we thought it would help to hear about real-life job seekers and their biggest frustrations when job searching.

1. Ghosting

James is just one of many annoyed by the ghosting culture. He says, “You put in the effort applying for a job, and then your hopes and dreams just disappear into the ether. So often it seems an employer is interested in you and then, bam, radio silence.”

Solution: Use a recruitment agency, rather than applying directly. They will always keep you informed on the status of your application and have better luck communicating directly with employers.

2. Waiting

Patience is necessary when it comes to job seeking, but that doesn’t make it any less frustrating. Maureen says, “I find the waiting for feedback really nerve-wracking. It’s like I can’t relax until I know, especially following an interview. On average, I’m waiting around two weeks per application to hear anything and that’s tough!”

Solution: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Try to relax and realise that the recruitment process just does take time.

3. Getting feedback

Feedback following an interview is really helpful when going forwards with your job hunt. Estelle tells us, “I find it so frustrating when the hiring manager won’t share genuine feedback. You feel like you’re being fobbed off and that doesn’t help you in the future.”

Solution: Take initiative and make a phone call if you want feedback. Additionally, use a recruitment agency—employers tend to be more honest and direct when they don’t have to “break the news” directly.

4. Transparency

When applying for jobs, it’s vital that you know the full ins and outs of the role and the workplace. Suhail explains, “So many employers seem to underestimate how important it is for candidates to really learn about the role. We can’t commit to a highly involved recruitment process, and certainly not to an offer, if they don’t share more information. I want to know who I will be working with and the details of the role before I commit too much time and effort!”

Solution: Use the interview to also ask questions of the interviewer. You can even ask for a workplace tour. If you are offered the job, ask for clarification of details and to meet the team.

How can Love Success help?

Having a recruitment consultant helping you with your job search solves many of the typical frustrations that candidates face. We can offer experienced advice and act as a conduit between you and hiring managers. It makes the whole process less frustrating.

Call us to find out more about your next steps on 0207 7870 7177.


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