What’s the Difference between a Temporary and Fixed-Term Contract?

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Employees working temporary jobs in London in office support aren’t always offered the same type of contract. The two most common ways that candidates are hired for temping in office-based roles are as a temp or using a fixed-term contract. It can be confusing, so here our London recruitment agency explains the differences.

What is a temp contract?

Employers regularly come to us needing temps and we supply them with suitable workers. As such, temps placed through Love Success are on our payroll, not that of the employer. Every week, the individual temp completes and submits their time sheet and they are paid by us.

This is a really flexible way of working whilst maintaining some employment security. Employers can get someone in the role really quickly, without taking them on fully as an employee, and you can walk in and out of these roles with ease. You’ll need a good relationship with your chosen agency to make sure that the type of work and balance you get is what you’re looking for from the temping lifestyle. Your ability to get positions is dependent on this relationship.

With temping, things like holiday pay and pension contributions are factored into how you are paid by the agency—the business you’re working for doesn’t get involved. As such, they pay a higher hourly rate.

What is a fixed-term contract?

With temping, the employer often has a task to complete but doesn’t really know how long it will take, so they like the flexibility of temping. However, in certain circumstances, they know exactly how long they will need a worker for, for example when a permanent employee is on maternity leave.

With a fixed-term contract, you have more certainty regarding the length of the booking. It’s a commitment—from both you and the employer—for a set period of time.

Generally speaking, a fixed-term placement is arranged by a recruitment agency, but the employer-employee relationship happens directly rather than through the agency. This means that while you are working for the employer, you should be treated as other employees. Typically, there will be a one week’s notice period.

What’s best for temping in London?

It’s difficult to categorically say which option is better, as they are both right in different circumstances. Your London recruitment agency should be able to explain whether a placement is best undertaken on a fixed-term contract or with you remaining under the auspices of a temp at the agency. You can ask them what offers you the greatest benefit in terms of money and ongoing factors, such as holiday pay.

Check out our Quick Guide to Temporary Jobs in London and learn more about being a temp through Love Success. We understand that as a temp you can have lots of questions and the most important thing is building a really solid and trusting relationship with your chosen recruitment agency. We pride ourselves on our excellent relationships, so do get in touch if you would like more help taking on temporary jobs in London in office support.


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