Top Skills to Develop and Showcase as an Office Manager

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The office manager role is often the most desired out of the office support jobs available in the capital. It’s usually the top of the career ladder for those who have worked in office support, and is a varied, respected, and enjoyable role. If you’ve got your sights set on becoming an office manager, what skills should you be developing? And if you’re already applying for roles, which skills should be showcased on your CV?

Here we take you through the top skills important for office managers, so that you can successfully build your career.

1. Communication skills

At the top, we place communication skills. As the office manager, it doesn’t matter how good you are in other areas if your communication is weak. You’re frequently the central point of contact and a conduit for employees and senior management. Both verbal and written skills, in a professional manner, are important.

2. Administrative skills

The vast majority of office managers come to the role from an administrative background, and with good reason—you will depend heavily on diverse and adept administrative skills. You’ll need to do everything from managing budgets to maintaining databases. In the midst of this, you’ll need to be a good delegator.

3. Organisational skills

Office managers are known as organisation pros and this is because running an office can feel like spinning many plates! It’s through the organisational ability of the office manager that things run smoothly. Planning is key.

4. Technical skills

An office manager will likely need a range of technical skills, which they can draw on as needed; for example, knowing how to use particular payroll software or how to use Slack for communications. The specific technical skills needed depend on the role, and many are easy to learn through exposure.

5. Time management skills

Managing an office requires effectively dealing with different demands from different angles. Exceptional time management is needed for the office to run smoothly and the ability to prioritise is imperative.

6. Problem solving skills

No two days are the same as an office manager and you’re never quite sure what will come your way. Being able to think creatively and solve problems before they become troublesome to others is important. This is particularly true in terms of conflict management.

7. Leadership and teamwork skills

Office managers need to be able to strike a balance between leading others and working effectively alongside them. You need to be a powerful motivator and a reliable character.

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