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You’re dreaming of the big adventure, finally breaking the boundaries of your homeland after the last few years stuck thanks to Covid. It’s exciting times! But how do you go about looking for jobs in England and, more specifically, London?

Why London?

When you search for jobs in England, it’s difficult to get a good measure of what you’re looking at.

If you want a true English overseas experience, then working in London will be high on your agenda. There are many large cities in England, but London beckons those staying in the UK for the first time and hoping to build their career alongside the British experience.

London is an enormous world-class city and the capital of the UK. It has a population of around 9 million people and is very much a cultural melting pot, so wherever you’re from, you will fit right in. Business is concentrated here, with over a million businesses within its area of 1,572km².

The real appeal for overseas jobseekers is that London most likely offers the most opportunity. Here, you won’t just be limited to hospitality or healthcare roles. Instead, you’ll discover that you can begin, continue, or build your office-based career.

Finding work in London

At the moment, employers in London are feeling confident and there’s a high demand for both permanent and temporary workers in office-based roles. There are skills shortages across many roles and sectors, and if you possess strong digital skills then you are particularly in demand.

There is a wide choice of office support work in London, ideal for recent graduates and those just starting in the world of work. It’s an exciting place to start and build your career.

So, how do you find work in London?

Unless your visa requires being sponsored by an employer, we highly recommend that the best way of finding a job in London is to arrive and get in touch with the best recruitment agencies here. You will then be in place to meet prospective employers in person and attend interviews. You will also be able to make stronger decisions about what you want and where you want to be, which is much harder from thousands of miles away!

Importantly, even if you are unable to secure a permanent or extended role straight away, you will quickly be able to walk into worthwhile temporary work in London. There is high demand for professional temps in office support, and this work is considerably better paid than temping in hospitality or retail, so it’s highly attractive.

How to find the best recruitment agencies in London

With such a vibrant jobs market, it’s no surprise that there are many recruitment agencies in London! However, they aren’t all created equally. Ideally, you should choose one recruitment agency to manage your employment, so that they are dedicated to you and can keep track of things like holiday allowance if you are temping.

At Love Success, we specialise in office support jobs in London in sectors such as customer service, finance, and HR. We are also specialists in supporting overseas workers looking for jobs in England. We can help you navigate the process and quickly start earning your first Great British Pounds!

Find out more about looking for jobs in London from overseas.


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