New Year Job Hunting Advice

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The new year is a popular time for hiring and 2022 is set to be a record-breaker for candidates securing new jobs. Employers have the distractions of December behind them, so they are cracking on with their hiring plans. Both employers and candidates want to kick off the year as well as they mean it to go on!

So, if you’re job hunting right now, what do you need to know? Focus on these five areas and you’ll get the job you’re after.


Check out the skills you need for your next job and interrogate whether you’ve got them. Are there any gaps? Don’t let a few of them put you off a job you love the sound of—especially at the moment, when employers are so keen—but consider how you can broaden your skill set and showcase the ones you’ve got.

Create a plan of action to show prospective employers that you are serious about gaining the skills they need. This way, you can start your job hunt even if you’re not there “on paper” just yet. The beginning of the new year is a great time to find bargains with online courses.

Social media

Before you call some London recruitment agencies, and certainly before you send out your CV, tidy up your social media. Go through each profile thoroughly, going back in time, and ask yourself if you’d be happy for a prospective employer to see what’s on display. Lock down privacy, too.

But when it comes to LinkedIn, you need to take a different approach: beef it up, make sure it’s up-to-date, and get active.

Build connections

From chatting with friends and appropriate colleagues to getting in touch with us, it’s time to start using the connections available to you. Be aware that early 2022 will see a lot of roles being filled before there’s time to formally advertise them; it’s essential that you have an excellent relationship with a recruiter.


Job hunting is tiring and draining, even in a job market that swings in the candidate’s favour. Bring balance to your job search by ensuring that you take breaks and have things to look forward to. Be realistic—even with a candidate-friendly market, it takes time to identify and secure the job you want. 

Put energy into your job hunt, but don’t burn bridges with your existing workplace. To manage it all, as well as personal life demands, you’ll need to pace yourself.

Keep records

When you’re applying for jobs, it’s tempting to just send out applications here, there, and everywhere, but this gets very confusing. Create a list (Excel works brilliantly) detailing the date you applied for a role, its details, and who you contacted. You can then use this to follow up and keep track of progress. This approach also helps you to apply for roles that you genuinely want, rather than anything and everything. 

Let’s get started

Brush up your CV and then register to begin your New Year job search.


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