Can You Be Happy at Work?

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At our London recruitment agency, we see a lot of people who are unhappy at work—it’s an occupational hazard! However, there are two more specific groups: those who are genuinely unhappy in this role and those who are always unhappy at work. 

There’s a societal belief that being happy at work is only for the few lucky ones. Work is work, and Monday morning will always be your least favourite time of the week, right? 

We believe that it doesn’t need to be like this. If you’re finding working life glum and want to be happier, try these suggestions:

1. Complain less

Offloading has its place. But complaining simply reaffirms the negative. Rumours and gossip, fuelled by whingeing, have the power to drag everyone down. You’ll feel lighter when you distance yourself from negative attitudes and stop contributing to minor complaints.

If there are genuine issues, you should approach them with a problem-solving mind instead. Solve, don’t whine.

2. Be more grateful

Gratitude is strongly correlated with happiness. If you have a tendency to focus on the negative, try replacing these thoughts with a little gratitude practice. Each day, try to think about who you are grateful for at work, why, and so on. It will transform how you feel and you’ll soon be identifying even more things you’re grateful for.

3. Make connections

One of the pleasures of working in an office environment is that you can make worthwhile connections with others. Ask questions, learn more about your colleagues, and you may discover you have more in common with them than you think. And that will make you feel good.

4. Help out more

We’re not suggesting doubling your workload! But doing things for others can make us feel good about ourselves. Whether it’s doing an extra drinks round or assisting a colleague with a big task, helping out can benefit the giver, too.

5. Understand your purpose

When it comes to office support jobs in big organisations in London, it is easy to lose sight of why your role is important. You become shut off, just performing the tasks, without realising how they really affect the bigger picture. Try to trace all the connections related to what you do. How do you add value? What difference do you make to people?

6. Understand your purpose: part two

Moreover, draw satisfaction from going to work by making it meaningful to you. Work means different things to different people. Is it about paying the bills? Using your mind? Helping others? Understanding your own motivation makes you happier.

7. Know where you’re going

Stagnation can weigh on you. Set your career goals and actively map them out so that you can see where you’re going. It helps you understand why you are where you are today.

8. Accept imperfections

There is no perfect job. Even people doing something they love experience aspects that are disappointing, dull, or difficult. Acknowledge that we aren’t designed to be happy every moment of every day—happiness is a more overarching concept. Accept the imperfections of work life and you’ll find yourself automatically feeling better.

Being happier at work will make you more efficient and productive, and a better and more collaborative colleague. But if these simple strategies don’t help, you may be in the wrong job. Become happier at work by finding a role that suits you better. Register and find your next job today!


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