What’s Holding You Back in Your Career?

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You have remarkable potential. Your career can go the way you want, but there are multiple factors that can affect its success. As a London recruitment agency specialising in office support jobs, we frequently see some commonalities in what holds candidates back. But when we know what’s holding us back, we can fix it. 

Your belief system

Swirling around your skills and competencies is your personal belief system. This is the inherent belief you have in your professional self: will you succeed, will you coast, will you fail? 

Your belief system has been shaped from all angles—previous jobs and relationships, and even your childhood. Your belief in yourself, or lack thereof, can affect your confidence and ability to make change.

Some popular professional core beliefs that hold people back are: 

  • I’m not talented enough/I don’t have the skills

You’re not a finished article, but rather a work in progress. By taking risks and stepping outside your comfort zone, you can extend your skillset. Identify where you think your skills are lacking and figure out how you can elevate them through training, practise, and exposure.

  • Other people are just lucky

We’re not going to lie and say that everyone has the same starting point. But success isn’t just down to luck and, in fact, the most successful people make their own luck by being resilient, tenacious, committed, and passionate. They don’t quit when they fail—they use it as a chance to learn and try again.


We see stagnation as the biggest career stumbling block. When this happens, you watch as colleagues overtake you on the ladder and you grow frustrated. You’re doing things the way you always have, so what’s the problem?

And that is the problem—you’re not changing or evolving. There’s been a discontinuation in progress, and that’s usually due to allowing your career to “happen to you”, rather than taking ownership by driving your learning and skill development. 

You can move forwards from stagnation in a few ways. Firstly, identify your stagnant skills and consider what courses and development opportunities you could take to elevate and refine them. There are plenty of free ones, but you should be brave and invest in your career. Also, stay ahead of your industry by reading relevant publications and websites. 

Of course, another way to propel your own career is to take the plunge and look for a change. Those who succeed don’t simply work their way up through promotions these days. They move when they are ready to move, and embrace the next challenge from the next employer. 

If you’ve stagnated in your career then you need to put yourself back in the driver’s seat. Find out more about being a Love Success candidate and apply for new office support jobs in London, where you can put your foot on the accelerator again.


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