What Do You Get Out of Temping in London?

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Alongside permanent jobs, there is an abundance of temporary jobs in London right now. With Covid restrictions eased, employers are well and truly on the hunt, and many find that temporary positions work best for them. But they can be ideal for workers, too. We thought it would help to share the stories of individual temps in London, so that you can see for yourself why they do what they do!

It’s flexibility you don’t get elsewhere

“There’s a flexibility that you get through temp work that you can’t get in permanent roles,” says Elise. “Even part-time work still ties you down to the same commitments every week and that doesn’t work in my life, as I have caring responsibilities which vary from week to week. So for me, temping here and there fits in perfectly and gives me the flexibility I need.”

It levels up my experience

“I’m not a career temp like some of my friends,” says Erica. “But this is the second time in my career I have intentionally taken some time out of permanent work to ‘job hop’ by temping. I decided I wanted to change fields slightly and I needed experience. The fastest way to get varied experience is to do different temporary jobs in London. You get exposure that you simply don’t get by being in the same role day after day. In a few months I will use this experience gained from temping to get a new permanent job at the next level.”

It’s great money!

Rashid explains, “Money! You can get better pay when working on short-term contracts and through temping in London. It’s the flip side of less security. But as long as you work through one agency, like Love Success, you accrue things like holiday pay anyway. But the hourly rate is better than you would get in the same role in a permanent position. I’m saving hard at the moment to get enough for a deposit on a house so every penny counts. I’ll then get a permanent job when I’m approaching the time of applying for mortgages!”

It’s the buzz of the capital

“I just can’t get enough of working in London,” says Pete. “The buzz and vibe that’s here now that lots of people are back in the city is infectious and I find it an exciting place to be. Temping has enabled me to get into the London scene and try it out before I commit fully. I expect I’ll start looking for permanent roles soon, but for now I’m enjoying trying lots of different things.”

It’s making a difference

“I really feel like I can make more of an impact when temping,” explains Quinn. “When you come into a role as a temp, there is a very immediate need and all eyes are on you to fill it. I can come in and really add value and that makes me feel good. I find it very rewarding. I usually work temporary contracts of 6 months to a year and that seems to be a perfect amount of time to really make a difference.”

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