Top Traits That Make a Good Boss

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Chances are you can spot a bad boss a mile off. But what makes for a really good boss? If you’re ready to secure a role as a leader, and want to know what will make you stand out as exceptional and result in bringing out the best in your employees, read on.

1. Put the team’s mission first

At our London recruitment agency, we’ve primarily found that the best bosses focus on the team’s mission more than their personal goals. Aligning the two ensures that everyone is a winner, as you’re working together.

2. Always practise honesty and integrity

Trust is hard to win and easy to lose. As a boss, you need to be clear, honest, and true to your word. If your staff trusts you, they will go the extra mile for you and they won’t waste energy second-guessing what your real motivation is. Be accountable and develop genuine and meaningful connections with the people you manage.

3. Lead the way

It is age-old advice, but with good reason. The boss should lead the way by setting a good example. Whatever you want to see in the workplace, you should do it yourself. Want people to turn up to meetings on time? Always be punctual yourself. Want your team to participate? Be the first to contribute.

4. Value opinions and perspectives

Productive and engaged employees feel valued and heard. Boost your team’s morale by listening to and taking into account each member’s opinion. Show genuine interest and demonstrate support.

5. Be prepared to share

You didn’t become a boss entirely without help. Along the road, you had others shaping and supporting you. It’s time to pass the baton on. Offer mentorship and support to junior colleagues, and give them opportunities by sharing your own. It will only lead to more opportunities for you and it makes you an inspiring leader.

6. Focus on connection

The best bosses know the importance of a well-connected team and actively stimulate those connections. You want to drive cohesion not divisiveness. From hosting meetings to social events, you’re the gel that holds everyone together.

7. Ramp up your emotional intelligence

People are often promoted into leadership positions because of their technical skill. But it’s your emotional intelligence and soft skills that actually ensure you’re successful once you’re there. 

A good boss works on their emotional intelligence so they’re aware of what’s going on with their employees and can encourage people to be the best that they can be. Relating to others, motivating them, and engaging with them is crucial. This is only possible when you have an excellent understanding of yourself. 

Being a good boss brings rewards in a happier and more pleasant working life for you and your colleagues. It also makes you and your team more efficient and productive. Look at the highest performing teams and you’ll always see an excellent leader. 


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