Leading Recruitment Agency in London: Industry Insights - September 2021

  • What Questions Can YOU Ask at an Interview?

    Posted on Monday, September 6, 2021 by The InterviewerNo comments

    When it comes to interview questions, you probably give most of your thought to the ones you’re being asked. This is important, but you mustn’t neglect the questions you will ask too. These questions can reveal a lot about you and your desire to succeed when you’re applying for office support and PA jobs in London. As a London recruitment agency, we know that the interview questions you ask have ...

  • Where Are the Best Places to Work Remotely in London?

    Posted on Thursday, September 2, 2021 by A Top London PANo comments

    The pandemic has shifted the landscape of work and some degree of remote working will probably stay, at least for office workers such as those in PA and office support jobs in London. However, without the restrictions of lockdown, who says you have to carry out remote working from home? If you’re fed up of “making do” at home or simply want a change of scenery, where will you and your laptop be ...