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Moving to the UK is a long-held dream of many. So, if you’ve finally got your visa ready and your bag packed, what else do you need to know about living and working in London? Our recruitment agency is skilled and experienced at helping people like you make the most of their new start and London experience; here, we share our top tips.

Types of work in London

The types of work available to you will depend on the type of visa you’ve secured. Some of these mean that you can (or even need to) secure work before you arrive. Others mean that you can pick work once you’re here. Typically, people in your situation will opt to arrive and then search for temporary jobs in London, especially whilst they find their feet. These jobs are usually in hospitality, healthcare, or office support. We specialise in the latter and can certainly help you find a suitable role.

Temping also gives you the benefit of greater flexibility for travelling, and it’s easy and popular in London. Office hours are typically 9am to 5.30pm. You are entitled to annual leave for the amount of time you work, and you’ll be paid by the hour through your chosen recruitment agency. You can earn more in office support roles than in hospitality.

Employers usually use recruitment agencies like us—Love Success—for temporary jobs in London. Choose one that gets excellent reviews and that specialises in the type of work you want to do. It’s worth sending your CV to us around a month before you come to the UK. 

National Insurance

Before you start work, you’ll need to apply for a National Insurance Number. This enables your tax to be calculated, and your employer will need it to get you set up on their payroll. We also recommend you set up a UK bank account, again so that you can be paid.

Where to live

Unlike in many other cities, most people don’t actually live in the centre of London; it’s expensive and busy. Most live in other areas, usually within Zones 2 and 3, including Shepherd’s Bush, Clapham, Brixton, Fulham, Tooting, Wandsworth and Shoreditch. These places are highly connected to the city centre by bus and tube (underground).

A good starting place for finding accommodation is

How much does it cost to live in London?

Living in London isn’t cheap. Your biggest expense will be accommodation. Expect to pay around £700+ per month for a room or flat rental. Your commute costs often come next at approximately £150 per month. A typical meal out will set you back about £25+, and a coffee is around £3. Grocery shopping for one, in a standard British supermarket (such as Tesco, Aldi, or Sainsbury’s) will cost around £25–30 per week.

What’s life like as a Londoner?

Londoners rarely drive, as parking is difficult and public transport is considerably easier. Otherwise, they might cycle, walk, or take an Uber or taxi.

London, of course, has quite a reputation for unpredictable weather. In fact, it’s much like other western and northern European cities. The summer is typically nicest, with drier days, sunshine, and light evenings up to 10pm. December to February are coldest and darkest, as the sun goes down around 4pm for the winter. Be prepared for rain, though! An umbrella is an expected UK accessory.

London has a vibrant social scene to suit all interests. Increasingly, there are pop-up festivals and events, often in the summer but throughout the year as well. This is a hugely diverse capital with many different areas, and it’s the central hub for visiting everywhere else in the UK.

Can we help?

Are you looking to live and work in London in office support jobs? If so, we can help you make a smooth transition. Why not get in touch?


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