How to Find the Best PA for Your Role

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Recruitment can always send the nerves jangling. When there are so many PA jobs in London to choose from, how do you ensure that the very strongest and best suited candidates choose yours? How can you stand out from other employers? Because of Covid-19, this is a market where candidates are currently in short supply.

Our PA recruitment agency is a pro at helping employers find the best people for their roles. Here, we take a look at how you can ensure your PA recruitment process leads to the right candidate as quickly as possible.

Top tips for Personal Assistant recruitment:

  1. The personality fit

    Personalities working effectively together is important in all positions, but it’s critical with PA roles. The cultural alignment and personality match need to be spot on. Hiring based on skill set alone won’t ensure actual productivity and ease in the role. Of course, personality can’t be measured, so it’s a lot harder to judge. However, it’s really important to spend time on interviews and discussions with your PA recruitment agency to ensure a great match.

  2. Look to the past to understand the future

    At our PA recruitment agency, we encourage employers to search out quantified evidence from prospective candidates. Understanding what they have achieved in the past for previous employers, and getting an idea of how loyal and independent they’ve been, ensures that you get an insight into what they will be like in your role. Leopards, generally, don’t change their spots.

  3. Make your PA recruitment agency your go-to partner

    A dedicated PA recruitment agency will bring their expertise and network to the table. They know what they are doing and are adept at noticing what you need quickly, so trust them! Make sure you choose an agency that supports your goals, for example by offering IT testing and training, so that your PAs come with the skills you really need.

  4. Dive deep into soft skills

    Technical skills can, by and large, be taught. Soft skills can as well, but it’s harder and you ideally want someone to whom they come naturally. You want your PA to be innately communicative and organised, and you want their integrity and discretion to simply be part of their character. So always—always—prioritise soft skills and culture fit.

  5. Know what to expect

    PA jobs in London are so diverse that it’s often impossible to compare them. This is increasingly true as PA roles become more project-based, which means that the PA job title needs a lot of clarification at the recruitment stage. You need to clearly set out what your role entails with your PA recruitment agency. Be specific and you’ll have more success finding the candidate that’s absolutely right for you.

At Love Success, we are a dedicated PA recruitment agency in London,  highly skilled at ensuring PA jobs are filled with the right candidate. Let us help you with your recruitment. Find out more about being a Love Success client.


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