A Day in the Life of a London PA

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Those in PA jobs in London have busy and varied roles. From time to time, we try to show you a PA’s “day in the life” so that you can gain the insight you’re looking for. Here we spoke to Samina, who shared with us just one day in her life as a London PA now that she is back in the office.

6am: My alarm startles me as I was in a deep sleep!

6.10am: It’s Friday and it’s been a good week. I’m still feeling the power to hop out of bed. I pop on my gym kit and do my Pilates routine. Then, I get in the shower, listening to my favourite podcast, and get ready for the day.

7.20am: At Clapham station, I am on time for my train to London Bridge. It’s always full, but it’s a short journey so I’m actually happy to stand. London Bridge is just around the corner from the office—it’s a really easy commute for me. 

8.20am: I arrive in the office with coffee for me, my executive, and two colleagues on the way. My boss is already in, so I simply hand him his coffee and get a quick rundown from him before I even get my coat off. 

8.30am: I work in Investment Management, so the pressure is on and everyone is a busy bee. I log straight in and zip through my inbox. There are always emails that came in overnight from international clients and colleagues. I flag up everything urgent and crack through it. Then I dip into my executive’s diary and make sure I remember everything there; I don’t expect anything new, as I only looked at it last night! However, a clash has appeared, so I juggle that and print off all relevant itineraries and agendas for the day. 

12pm: The day is going smoothly. My executive asks me to grab a whole bowl from the local deli for his lunch, so I get one for each of us. Fortunately, I’m happy with his choices most days!

1pm: I’m gobbling up my lunch at my desk when reception calls to say a client has arrived early for a 2pm meeting. Food down, I dash around to see if we can move things forward. With help from some kind colleagues, it works out okay—I can bring the meeting forward to 1.30pm.

1.30pm: I show the client into the room and bring refreshments. My executive just makes it in time and I hand over all of the relevant documents, set up the tech, and then leave them to it. I work on a project we’ve got underway for a large scale event later in the year. It’s nice to have some uninterrupted time.

3.20pm: My executive struggles to exit the meeting, which is now really running over, so I go and enable a polite exit for him and see his client out. Then, I complete some travel paperwork and visa applications. 

4.00pm: I show a group of delegates in for a short training session my executive is giving. I check that everything, including all the screens, is working before going back to my desk. I finish the day by ticking a few “quick wins” off my to-do list, checking the calendar for Monday, and writing a prioritised to-do list for next week.

5pm: I email a finished PowerPoint presentation that my executive needs for a breakfast meeting on Monday. I was hoping for an early escape, but by the time my boss made it out of the training and I checked all is okay for the morning meeting, that ship had sailed! 

6.20pm: The sun is shining, we all missed the office, and it’s Friday! I head down to our nearest bar by the river with the other PAs. Although we work together, catching up is always difficult because we’re so busy, so it’s nice to have this chance. 

9.30pm: I had a wonderful evening and could have stayed longer, but I’ve got weekend plans so chose not to have a late one. I grab a noodle box on my way to London Bridge and catch the train home. 

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