What’s Been Your Favourite Temporary Job and Why?

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There is a huge variety when it comes to office support temporary jobs in London. What many don’t realise is that temping in London isn’t just limited to working in a bar! Increasingly, people are using temp work to bolster their careers and live the life they want, with the balance they need. At Love Success we took a little time out to ask some of our temps what their favourite role has been and why. We hope that it will inspire you to realise the value that temping has for the individual.

  • Front of house receptionist

    Raj’s favourite temporary job in London has been working as a front of house receptionist for a finance house in the city. He explains, “The work itself was interesting. It was a really vibrant and busy reception. There was always something happening. No boredom! The setting was really lovely too. It was so airy and bright with a fantastic iconic London view surrounded by lots of nice coffee shops. The cherry on top was the people. I really enjoyed being with my colleagues. We just had a really good working atmosphere.”

  • HR Officer

    “I’m CIPD qualified but was between permanent roles when I took a 6 month contract as an HR Officer for a SaaS business,” reports Julian. “I didn’t really have high hopes for the role but needed some cash and wanted to keep my CV fresh. However, the job and company were dynamic, energised and I really felt part of something exciting. I ended up being offered a permanent position. I’m still there 3 years later!”

  • Marketing executive

    Sarah told us, “I was brought in on a temporary basis to run an intensive marketing campaign for a new product launch. I loved the job because I was able to bring in completely fresh ideas and a different approach. Ultimately, this is what led to the campaign’s success. In the meantime I also built on my own marketing skill base which led to me getting other excellent roles since then.”

  • Customer service advisor

    “I did some temping in London as a customer service advisor just after I graduated,” says TJ. “It turned out to be my favourite temping role for lots of reasons. Mostly, it was great for me at that time because I could earn money whilst boosting my skills. While all my friends were stacking shelves, I felt like I had actually started on my career. It also helped me figure out what I was good at and what I wanted to do.”

  • Personal Assistant

Paul worked in a temporary role as a Personal Assistant to two executives. He says, “I found I was able to make my mark more than I thought I would be able to in a temporary job. I didn’t really have any particular expectations of the role, but I really enjoyed the people I was working for. I felt like my values were really aligned with theirs and we also laughed a lot! I can’t say I’ve ever loved a role quite as much as that one!”

Working in temporary jobs in London gives you plenty of opportunity to expand your skills and meet interesting people, whilst also working in a vibrant and bustling city. Would you like to find temp work in London? Give us a call on 020 78707177.


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