How to Return to a Worthwhile Commute

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Lockdown restrictions are continuing to ease and, like many others, our London recruitment agency will be moving back into the office soon. For many in office support jobs in London, their commute over the last year has consisted of moving from the bedroom to the kitchen. You may be filled with a sense of dread at the thought of the returning long commute. So, how can you make your commute worthwhile, and how can you make the most of it?

1. Write down your intentions for the day

Sort of like a to-do list, but more focused. Writing down your intentions for the day sets you up for a brilliantly productive day ahead. We like to split our intentions into different categories to keep them focused. For example, we’ll write down our intentions for building positive colleague connections, or our fitness plans for our lunch break. Make sure to include why something is your intention!

2. Tidy your inbox

With a smartphone, sitting on the train or bus is a perfect chance to take a quick look at your inbox before you reach the office and it gets even more cluttered. Don’t just delete the junk, but actively unsubscribe from no longer needed mailing lists, report the spam, and reply to messages which only need a line or two. It’ll make the rest of your day much easier!

3. Meditate

Your commute (assuming you’re on public transport or being driven!) is an absolutely perfect opportunity to meditate. And frankly, we all should meditate given the stresses and strains of modern living, especially if you’re commuting into a city centre! You can pick an app like Headspace or Calm , or simply learn to do it without any prompts, and you’ll be ready and focused for the day. Before you worry about the audience – don’t! There’s no need to sit in the lotus position chanting. You’ll simply look like you’re having a little shuteye.

4. Learn a language

Seriously, if you don’t have the Duolingo app on your phone then you’re missing a life learning explosion! If you spend just 15 minutes a day playing the language learning games on Duolingo then you will learn a new language! As they say: what can 15 minutes of social media scrolling do for you?

5. Practice gratitude

Practicing gratitude has been scientifically proven to bring you a whole host of benefits. You can practice gratitude whether you’re driving a car, taking a train, or riding your bike. You simply think through a few things that you are grateful for. It reframes your outlook on the day ahead and life itself, and sets you up for a happy positive day.

6. Get lost in a good (audio) book

Books are the key to making your commute fly by, through being transported to another world. Whether you pop on an audio book in the car or whip out your e-reader on the train, a book is a wonderful commuting pastime. Another option is listening to podcasts on topics you’re interested in.

As you return to working life in central London, you needn’t feel cheated that you’re losing time on your commute. Instead, think creatively about how you can use it wisely, and you’ll find yourself actively looking forward to it as some of the best moments of the day.


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