5 Soft Skills You Should Develop to Be Successful

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Transferrable soft skills make you an incredibly attractive candidate for office support jobs in London. They also enable you to excel within any office-based role. Wondering which ones you should develop? We’re constantly talking to employers about what they need, and we’ve summed up the top five soft skills that are valued most.

  1. Communication skills

    In office support jobs— whether in payroll, management, admin, HR, or anything else, so much comes down to efficient and skilled communication. You should develop your ability to convey information (and absorb information) in a variety of ways. You need to be as expert at crafting an on-point, polite, and engaging email that elicits a response, as you are picking up the phone and chatting to the CEO. Your communication should be objective, clear, and reflective.

  2. Analytical skills

    In the course of every single day in every single workplace, success is built on the repeated process of solving problems. Efficiencies are created through problem solving. Productivity is maximised through problem-solving. Therefore, the individuals who can identify, analyse, and solve problems independently and with confidence are those who will excel.

    Closely tied into this is the ability to take initiative. Managers are usually incredibly busy and value those who can think on their own two feet. If they don’t appreciate this, they probably aren’t best placed to be managers, and it’s your cue to look for better leadership!

  3. Leadership

    Indeed, leadership itself is a hugely valuable soft skill that’s needed in all employees at all levels. Leadership skills are broad, but fundamentally, they hinge on motivating others to get things done. That’s why they apply at all levels. You can be the most junior employee in the workplace, but you will quickly be recognised as talent worth nurturing if you inspire those around you.

    From a positive general attitude to the ability to take responsibility for mistakes, leadership skills are always appreciated.

  4. Interpersonal skills

    Interpersonal skills represent your ability to get on and collaborate with everyone you need to. For those in office support roles, this is of paramount importance. You need to work effectively with everyone both within and outside the organisation.

    Interpersonal skills aren’t a given—you need to work on and improve them. The easiest way to do this is to expose yourself to lots of different people in a variety of settings.

  5. Project management

Within an office environment, those who excel are the best project managers. They approach everything they do with meticulous planning. They weigh up timings, risks, costs, and effort, and come out on top because of it. The calmest PA in the office? She’s like that because she has excellent project management skills.

Your soft skills can put you ahead of the competition when it comes to a job search. They also make your working day easier, smoother, and more pleasurable. Soft skills may seem harder to learn, as they aren’t as straightforward to teach as technical skills. However, through exposure, conscious thinking, and dedication, you can build a brilliant set of transferrable soft skills, which will bolster your career.


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