What Are Employers Looking For?

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It’d be easy to nail the job application and interview if you knew what the employer was looking for, right? But as it stands, you can end up bouncing from application to application and interview to interview, wondering where you’re going wrong and often coming back to the same thing: If only someone would just tell you, honestly, what the employer is looking for…

As a London recruitment agency, we know that for the various PA, finance, and office support jobs being advertised in the capital, there is, of course, a list of expectations, and each employer will have a unique list of criteria. However, what you may not realise is that overriding all of these are three core things that all employers are looking for above and beyond detailed, job-specific lists.

  1. Can you and do you save a company money or make a company money?

    Fundamentally, it all comes down to the bottom line — this is business, after all. In office support jobs, the bottom line can be hard to quantify, but you need to know your answer. What is it about what you can do and how you work that will either bring money to the company or, as is the case in most office support jobs, save the company money.

    The easiest way to work this out is to look at your past experience and consider what you did that makes you worth your salary. Recruiting a new employee is an expensive investment, so show that you’ll offer excellent ROI!

  2. Beyond money, how do you offer value?

    For all PA, finance, and office support jobs in London, there will likely be a sackload of applicants. There will be many with comparative skillsets. However, those “on-paper” candidates won’t all deliver value in the same way, and any prospective employer likes to see how you go about things. In short, they want to know that you won’t just do the job, but that you’ll do it in the way that they want you to.

    In an interview, this means getting down to the nitty-gritty and being authentic in your answers by using clear examples from real experience.

  3. You’ll be engaged with the business and its goals

The employer wants to know that you care about working for them, not just bagging any old job. They need to feel wanted because they know that will drive commitment and passion for what they do and help them meet their objectives. They want to know that you’ll develop a connection with them and what they’ve set out to do. This is why you absolutely must do your research on the company before you attend interview — so that you genuinely know their products or services and have aligned yourself with their goals. In the interview, you can then talk about it with enthusiasm and excitement.

When you know these three overriding things that employers are looking for, you’re in a brilliant position to make the best impression, no matter what role you’re applying for.

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