Using Online Courses to Fuel Your Career

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As any regular reader of our articles will know, at our London recruitment agency, we often recommend doing some temp work in London to boost your skills and plug gaps. It’s a great way of “learning on the job”. But sometimes, that approach is neither practical nor suited to you. If that’s the case, it’s time to consider the potential of online courses.

So, how do you choose which online courses are best for boosting your career?

Think about career growth

It’s very easy to let your career stagnate, especially if you get comfortable. The problem with this is that other people don’t let their career stagnate. While you’re coasting along, others are going past you in the fast lane. You need to keep moving just to stay still, let alone move forwards.

Within your role, your employer will (hopefully) support your development. However, remember that this will always be with a primary eye on what is right for them! You need to be in the driver’s seat, and that’s where online courses come in. You can actively choose the areas you want to develop, in line with your own career goals.

Sit down and brainstorm. What areas do you want to broaden or deepen your skills within? Having worked this out, start looking for courses within those areas. Great places to look are LinkedIn Learning and Coursera.

Think about career change

It’s unusual to stay straight and true on one career path for life. Many of us will change track at some point or other. To make the transition a smooth one, you need to equip yourself with the skills to do it.

No employer is going to support you with developing the skills for a career change! You’re going to have to take charge. In this case, work out which of your skills are transferrable, need polishing, or are totally new to you. Online courses are your saviour here as you can work on your new skills whilst still bringing in income using your existing ones.

For juicy, content-rich courses to help level up in a career change, explore what Future Learn or The Open University have to offer. We can also help you if you are considering a career change into office support roles with our Training and Assessment Centre.

Think about your professional success

Lastly, think about how you can develop your skills to feed your interests in a way that also contributes to what you have to offer as a professional. This will make you more attractive for opportunities within the organisation but also equip you should you wish to make a change.

An excellent tip is to consider the skills that are likely to be needed by your sector in the future and get a head start in developing them. This shows fabulous initiative and will help you become a well-rounded professional.

Learning and growth comes in many forms

Online courses are one way that you can develop your skillset and take control. Unlike many other recruitment agencies in London, we don’t simply take on the task of recruitment. We want to help equip you with the skills you need to excel. Find out more about our free Training and Assessment Centre by downloading the guide available on our homepage.


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