Top Tips for Post-Interview Thank-You Notes

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Your Great Aunt Ethel was right; thank-you notes are important. People like to be appreciated, and that applies when you’ve been given the time for an interview too. Taking the time to say a quick thank you also demonstrates some key things. It shows that you’re invested, on the ball, and organised. It’s a way to put yourself on the radar, which may just be enough to nudge you into pole position for the role. For jobs that require a good written communication style, such as office support and PA roles in London, it gives the prospective employer a chance to see what you’re like in reality.

So, what are our PA recruitment agency top tips for a post-interview thank-you note?

  1. Email

    A call is going to interrupt a busy soul and be forgotten in a moment, and we’re not in the 1950s, so a hand-written note isn’t appropriate either. Post-interview decisions are made quickly, so a well-constructed email is the way to go. Direct it to the hiring manager, and cc it to anyone else who was in your interview if you can.

  2. Send it the same day

    Seriously. As soon as you can, even on the train home, type and send that message. If you’re the last candidate being seen (which you won’t necessarily know), the decision may be taken within half an hour of you leaving. It can be tricky for all those involved in the decision to get together to discuss candidates, so they may take advantage of the fact that they’re all there.

    What’s more, you’ll still be very clear in their mind, and they can make the necessary connections.

  3. Express your gratitude

    It’s a thank-you note, after all! But the trick isn’t to simply say thank you for the opportunity like a robot but to explain why you’re grateful too. For example, you could say that it was useful to meet people, learn more about the company, and discover ways in which you feel you could contribute.

  4. Make it personal

    There’s no excuse for forgetting who interviewed you, and people always respond well when they feel they’ve been directly considered and remembered. You could reference a particular person who answered one of your questions or thank an employee who showed you around. It’s a win-win because you’re demonstrating you really do have attention to detail; it’s not just something you popped on your CV because it sounded good.

  5. Let them know why they want you

With the benefit of having attended an interview, you now have some better insight. Although you probably explained at the interview why you thought you’d be a good fit, now is your chance to expand on this. Explain the value that you’ll bring to them. It’s a way to stand out from the crowd.

Be a memorable job candidate

It takes mere minutes to send off a thank-you email. Do make sure you check it for spelling and grammar, and make it a little more than a one-liner. It’ll help you stick in the memory and nudge you ahead in the race to be awarded the job.

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