Temping in 2021: What’s It Like for You?

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According to all of the data about the jobs market in 2021 so far, temporary jobs in London, and across the country, are in greater demand than permanent ones. This makes sense — when employers are concerned for their business but need practical help, getting temps on board is the best solution.

We thought it would be helpful to hear from some of those temping in London, and doing temp work from home, so that you can learn more about the on-the-ground experience.

Experience explosion

“I’ve worked in seven different temporary roles since losing my job at the beginning of the pandemic,” explains Amelie. “Some have been onsite and some remote. To begin with, I hated the uncertainty, but I’ve never had a problem finding the next role, and when I look back and think how much experience I’ve gained, I don’t think that would have been possible without temping for different employers in different roles.”

Reliable internet

“Not all employers have figured out how to navigate the surge in home working,” says Raj. “Some provide you with all the kit and will ensure you have reliable internet. Others just get annoyed when your home internet isn’t as reliable as the office. As a temp, that can be frustrated because good employers make sure you have everything you need and will still pay you if your internet goes down. Others just say that it’s not their fault, and as you’re being paid by the hour, they don’t pay, even though you’re available. I don’t stay with those employers for long!”

Long-term shift

Ally was a PA in London until the end of 2020. She now works through our Virtual Support service. “I absolutely love temping for UK businesses that need a VA. I’m in my element! Every day is different. I never thought I’d love such short-term temping, but it’s brilliant and suits me so well. I’ve got no plans to go permanent again. That’s how much I love it!”

Skills focus

“I’ve noticed that employers increasingly understand that those doing temporary jobs are incredibly valuable to the success of their business,” says Jamie. “Before this year, I was finding a real mismatch between what employers wanted in a temp and what could be provided. Now, employers can tangibly see how the specific skills a temp has can help them, and they’re more willing to pay for those skills. Temping is no longer seen as a low-skilled choice.”

Different employers

“As a temp, I’ve seen how individual employers have experienced the pandemic differently,” says Marcus. “It’s been a real eye-opener. Some are struggling, and some are thriving. But there are also huge differences in approaches. As a temp, I can see how some employers have really adapted their business, while others are just treading water. It’s been fascinating!”

There is a high demand from London employers for temps at the moment. Find out more about temporary jobs in London and remotely with Love Success.


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