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As a London recruitment agency, we’re highly aware of the power of the media over job seekers. At the moment, candidates are particularly vulnerable. Multiple times a day, they’re being exposed to headlines and news that would have them believe that looking for a new job is as futile as using a chocolate teapot!

The truth is that bad news sells — but it doesn’t always give an entirely true and honest view of the situation.

Looking beyond the headlines

For those currently looking for any sort of role, such as office support jobs in London, let’s take a recent example: What’s telling is that this article, which was published by a very popular mainstream news channel, has since been pulled, given a new headline, and significantly reworded. Published in mid-April, the original headline read, “Jobs market remains subdued”. However, when you read the meat of the article, the focus was actually that the UK unemployment rate has recently dropped to 4.9%, from the slightly higher 5% at the end of last year.

That’s right: the headline gave the impression that it was all doom and gloom for job seekers when the reality was that something positive had happened! Our already quite low unemployment rate had dipped, rather than risen, as many had predicted it might.

Why does this matter for job seekers?

Hunting for a new job can spark all sorts of different emotions. It’s very normal to feel vulnerable and daunted. Those feelings are exacerbated if you’ve faced a subdued market or are currently out of work and have been job hunting for a while. You can begin to believe that your quest is hopeless. This can be made worse if you’ve made lots of applications and had multiple rejections.

Add in a media-fuelled sense that thanks to the pandemic, your job hunt is the equivalent of scaling Mount Everest in shorts and t-shirt, and it’s very disheartening.

But self-esteem and positivity really matter when it comes to hunting for a new job. It’s your belief in your skills, capabilities, and aptitude, combined with the energy and drive you take into applications and interviews, that determine your success.

As such, you need to protect your positive approach and believe that the next opportunity is just around the corner with  your name on it.

Be a truth seeker

We’re not suggesting that you avoid reality. It’s been a tough year for job seekers due to the pandemic, and compared to other times, you may well have to work harder to identify and secure your next role. However, we are saying that you should look beyond the headlines. Check out the facts of what’s going on in the wider job market rather than throwing your hands up in despair at the messages you’re being fed. And then focus on your potential, your applications, and your success.

As a recruitment agency living and breathing the current situation for candidates and employers, we can tell you that there are a plethora of jobs in London, both temporary and permanent, and more and more are being advertised each day.

We’re here to help. Get in touch on 020 7870 7177 and let’s get on with the job of helping you find your new role.


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