Where Did You Find Your Last PA Job?

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PA jobs in London are hugely varied – and as a recruitment agency, we genuinely know just how varied! However, there are some common elements in how people secure PA roles that they really love. We thought it would be useful for us to chat to some London PAs, hearing directly from them about how they secured their last role so that you can take inspiration for your job search.

The three main routes

Chatting to London PAs, we identified three main routes to finding excellent PA roles:

  1. Moving up through promotion
  2. Getting on the employer’s radar through temping
  3. Finding the right recruitment agency

 Let's take a look at these three routes.

  1. Moving into your PA role through promotion

    “I was working in admin for my current organisation when I was approached and asked if I would consider a PA role to the board of directors,” Jessica explained. “I was quite shocked — but very pleased. It enabled me to grow into the role. Also, as the business has grown, so has my level of responsibility. It’s tied in really well with my own career development goals.”

  2. Getting on the employer’s radar through temping

    A surprisingly high number of PAs we spoke to secured their current PA role through temping in London. It appears that many employers like to “try before they buy”.

    “I originally joined my current company as a temp, but still in a PA role,” Chris told us. “Early on, it became clear that really, they needed someone permanent. I’d been there for a month when they offered me a permanent job. It’s funny because I was quite reluctant to consider temping, but if I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have got this job!”

  3. The right recruitment agency

The key word here is “right”, and of course, we’d say that Love Success is the right agency for PA and office support roles! However, we’re not just blowing our own trumpet. There are positive and negative stories about using recruitment agencies, and Nadia’s and Olivia’s experiences demonstrate why you need to choose carefully.

“I went through a large chain recruitment agency to get my current job, and it’s not really worked out,” says Nadia. “I didn’t realise at the time that they didn’t have PA-specific experience and were just keen to tick off another job filled. They weren’t completely informed about the nature of the role, and it’s left me feeling like I need to move on again, much sooner than I’d hoped I would. I should have chosen a dedicated PA recruitment agency.”

Olivia’s experience was different. “I felt so confident getting my last role, and that was largely due to choosing Love Success as my agency,” she said. They knew what they were doing, and they knew so much about the PA role that they could really assess my skills, matching me with the right role and employer. I’ll always use a dedicated PA recruitment agency from now on.”

It’s always important to choose a recruitment agency that specialises in your job area. Firstly, employers will select their recruitment agency carefully, ensuring they choose an expert in what they need. Additionally, the specialised recruitment agency understands the needs of both employers and the candidate, ensuring an excellent match.

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