How Are Your Adaptability Skills?

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Like many recruitment agencies in London, we’re seeing more and more employers listing “adaptability skills” as a requirement. These are a step up from the more traditional “flexibility”, so how can you develop them? Right now, more than ever, the ability to adapt is what sets people apart from the crowd. It’s life’s adaptable souls who are thriving in the world of work.

Why do adaptability skills matter?

Those familiar with moving from one temporary job in London to the next will instinctively understand why adaptability skills matter. But they aren’t just the reserve of those doing temp work. Adaptability skills show innate confidence, the ability to grow, and the ability to take advantage of whatever the current situation presents.

Many of us baulk at the thought of change, but it’s our ability to thrive within changing situations that enables us to be innovative and driven and to perform. Adaptability skills also matter because they apply to so many other soft skills. You might need to have adaptable communication skills, adaptable problem-solving skills, adaptable collaboration skills, or adaptable interpersonal skills. These skillsets need to be adaptable so that you can customise your approach and find the best outcome in any given situation.

How do you develop adaptability?

The good news is that adaptability skills can be developed. They’re a mindset, and the simplest way to get going is to repeatedly put yourself in new situations and face change. It’s a natural inclination to run away from change, but if you welcome it, you’ll start to stretch your abilities within it and cope with it better.

It’s also important to be responsive to the people around you so that you don’t limit your opportunities for adaptable growth. Actively seek to develop new relationships with different colleagues rather than languishing in the comfort of the network you already have.

Yes, you’ll need to go beyond your comfort zone! To begin with, it will feel hard, but remember, you’re challenging years of programming that tells you change is to be avoided. However, the more that you do it, the easier it will become, and the more natural it will feel.

It’ll really help to go into this with a positive attitude. You’re going to make mistakes as you face new situations. That’s normal. What’s important is that you view each mistake as an opportunity to learn something new. This is about having a growth mindset rather than a fixed one. It’s infectious, and those who master it are those who master professional and personal growth.

Finally, be willing to have to rethink or relearn your approach to things. This is right at the heart of what it means to be adaptable. It takes effort to challenge your old thinking and allow new growth.

What to do with your developed adaptability skills

Well-developed adaptability skills put you in a prime position for being an employer’s top pick in the current market. If you want, you’ll be able to make a career of temporary jobs, continuing to flex your adaptability, but you’ll also be the permanent employee who drives change and is noticed. These skills will open doors with new employers too.

Ready to showcase your adaptability skills in action? Look for a new job.


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