What Is the Key to a Successful Career?

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Career success doesn’t just happen. That’s the first secret! Many recruitment agencies in London, and indeed the world over, would have you believe that there isn’t a huge amount in your control when it comes to building a career. You pick a path, and then it’s down to luck and some good old hard work, right? Wrong! At Love Success, we know that there are some common elements among people who are successful in their careers. And it’s not just one key. There are many keys to success.

Key 1: Have a vision

People who are successful in their careers know where they’re heading. They’ve got their eye on the prize, and they keep that in mind. They don’t aimlessly wander through their career. They make sure every decision leads towards their end goal.

Key 2: Set goals

Speaking of goals, successful people are goal-setters. They have an overall vision, yes, but they then break that down into short, medium, and long-term goals. This effectively creates a roadmap for how they’re going to get from where they are today to the pinnacle of their dream career.

Key 3: Making adjustments

Having established their goals, these successful individuals then make them happen by adjusting their course if they need to. If the next promotion isn’t forthcoming in one place, they look to move to a new employer. Or, if they need more experience to reach the next goal, they take on temporary jobs to get it. Or, should they discover that they’re missing a particular skill, they book onto a training course to get it.

Key 4: Ooze positivity

A positive mindset is an incredibly powerful thing. Successful individuals realise that so much of their career is controlled by their attitude. They’ve made positivity a habit, and it pervades everything they do.

Key 5: Believe in yourself

Closely related to positivity, successful people believe in themselves. They are their own biggest champions. They know their strengths, and they capitalise on them. Their belief in their abilities is infectious, and so others believe in them too.

Key 6: Actively open doors

Successful people walk through open doors, but they actively go and test the handles on closed ones too! They aren’t passive with their career. They test the waters of promotion and put themselves forward. They don’t sit back and wait for opportunity to come knocking. They aren’t afraid to take the next step up in their career by stretching out of their comfort zone and seeking a new job. Or, if they are scared, they do it anyway.

Key 7: Be creative

Rarely does a career path follow a nice, smooth flat road. The path will twist and turn, undulate, and sometimes disappear altogether. The point is that the individual is still moving forwards and making progress. They consider how to overcome roadblocks, and even if they have to follow a detour, they keep going in the overall right direction.

Key 8: Persistence pays

Successful individuals are tenacious and persistent souls. They recognise that failure is merely a springboard to success. They just keep going. Even when they’re submitting their 75th job application, they don’t give up.

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