PAs, What’s the Best Part of Your Job?

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PA jobs in London are as varied as a box of chocolates. Part of a PA’s purpose is to mould themselves to the specific needs of a job. But of course, there are similarities. Working as a PA is a popular career option, but you don’t always know a huge amount about what it’s really like. At our PA recruitment agency, we spoke to some of our candidates and found out what they like most about their job.

The Admin Queen

“I get immense pleasure from being dubbed the office’s Admin Queen,” Rachel admitted. “I get real joy from efficient systems and a sense of order.”

The Executive Confidante

Jim explained what he enjoys most. “For me, it’s being closely aligned with the executive team. I feel central to what’s going on in the business on a daily basis. I can see how everything I do directly contributes. I don’t feel in the dark or like a cog in a machine.”

The Techy Guru

“I’ve implemented various new software platforms to make everyone’s lives easier,” Tamsin told us. “I really enjoy the tech side of what I do. Plus, the more efficient the systems, the less filing there is to do. Filing definitely doesn’t float my boat!”

The Project Pro

“A huge part of my job is taking on specific projects for the business,” Alisha said. “These can be really varied. It’s my favourite part of the job. I love being able to take something from start to finish. It’s immensely satisfying, and it means I’m always accountable for the outcome.”

The Social Media Whizz

“I’m responsible for the business social media accounts,” Rhian told us. “I enjoy creating new posts and sourcing images, but what I really thrive on is interacting with our audience. I feel like I’m the voice of our brand, and I love that!”

The Travel Maestro

“Obviously it’s not happening at the moment, but before Covid, the best part of my job was organising executive travel,” Jamie explained. “I loved searching out fabulous places that I knew my boss would love and then negotiating good deals.”

The Event Expert

Like Jamie, Ravinder has been affected by Covid, but she says, “I really enjoyed organising different events from cocktail receptions through to large exhibitions. I’m a real stickler for detail, so I would ensure every little thing was thought of. People often commented that the events I organised stood out as memorable in our industry.”

The variety of PA jobs in London

There are so many different elements to PA roles. Some are temporary, helping a business with a short-term project or flexing demand. However, all PA roles involve being able to utilise different skills. The best PAs are those who are creative problem solvers, as well as efficient in various technical skills.

At Love Success, we offer free software training, but we also offer free soft skills training, to help you excel in your role. It’s just one of the reasons why Love Success candidates get to love their own success!


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