It's Time to Spring Clean Your Job Search!

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Is your job search showing signs of neglect, much like the top of your wardrobe? When searching for a new job, It’s easy to do the same things day-in-day-out and miss the benefits of a fresh approach. Whether you’re looking for permanent or temporary jobs in London, here’s how you can give your approach the spring clean it needs. The great news is that spring is a fantastic time for job searching, especially for PA and office support jobs. After the tough winter we’ve just had with Covid and lockdown, spring is proving to be a positive time for candidates.

So, how can you re-evaluate your approach?

  1. Spot the trends

    Sit down with paper and pen and mind-dump everything positive and negative about your job search to date. Think about the specific roles you’ve applied for. What you’re looking for are trends. Are you always applying in the same way? Where did you hear about each job? Did the feedback from one interview echo the feedback from another?

    If you can spot patterns in what’s going well and what’s not, you can capitalise on your strengths and stop wasting time and effort on dead ends. For example, have you discovered that applying through a job board means you never hear back? If so, what about switching it up and applying to employers directly or using a recruitment agent?

  2. Be honest about your proactivity

    Day one of a job search will see you scouring LinkedIn, connecting with lots of people, flipping from job board to job board, and refreshing your CV. But after a while, you’ll fall into a rut and just go round and round doing the same few things. Your CV remains as it did on the first day; you scroll through the same few social media accounts, and you’re not getting anywhere.

    The best new opportunities won’t just fall into your lap. You’ve got to be proactive and shake up your approach. Do some research into other companies in your industry and get searching with them. Look up old connections and get in touch, or give your LinkedIn profile a refresh.

  3. Level up the expertise

    In tough candidate climates like the one we’re experiencing at the moment, job hunting becomes a specialist subject in its own right. But candidates aren’t specialists. If you haven’t been getting anywhere by applying for jobs and are sending your CV off into the ether with an unrelenting lack of progress, you need to call in the experts.

    At Love Success, we specialise in helping candidates secure PA and office support jobs in both the permanent and temporary sectors. Register as a candidate with a recruitment agency that specialises in your niche, and get the experts to help.

  4. Shake up your job hunting habits

Job hunting that goes on for a while can be disheartening and make you feel flat. Part of spring cleaning your job search is about renewing your energy and vitality so that you’re attractive to employers.

Make sure that you intersperse your job search with feel-good moments that make you someone employers are desperate to have. Pick yourself up by catching up with good friends, feel like you’re contributing by volunteering, or build some new skills by taking a course.

We’re here to help if your job search has gone stale and you’re feeling flat and frustrated. Inspire yourself by checking out the candidate section of our site where you’ll find lots of hints and tips to get your job search back on track.


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