How to Boost Your Confidence Right Before an Interview

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Your palms are sweating, you feel slightly dizzy, and you’re clutching your CV like its driftwood on a stormy ocean — nerves have got you in their grip! Whatever job you’re going for, it’s totally normal to feel very nervous in the moments just before an interview. However, if it’s a job you’re really invested in getting, the nerves may be off the scale!

At our London PA recruitment agency, we know that nerves have a nasty habit of getting the better of you. There are several ways that you can combat them and come out on top. With more interviews being conducted by video call at the moment, some of these nerve-calming strategies are actually easier to do.

So, what can you do to boost your confidence in those last moments?

  1. Distract yourself

    Sometimes the issue is that you’re focusing on the anxiety, which is chipping away at your confidence. There’s a lot to be said for preparing well in advance and then, immediately before the interview, taking your thoughts away from the imminent wait.

    If you’re sat in a waiting area onsite, the simplest thing to do is to become absorbed in reading an article on your phone. You’ll look cool, calm, and collected and be able to enter the room confidently.

  2. Stand powerfully

    Your body and mind are far more connected than you realise. What’s great about this is that whilst your body is betraying its fear (butterflies in the stomach anyone?!), you can also use your body to trick your mind into believing that it’s confident.

    All you need to do is stand up, feet slightly apart, hands on hips, shoulders back, and chin slightly lifted. Breathe deeply. This power pose will leave you feeling confident and energised, as well as standing tall. If you’re onsite and don’t want people to think you’re a wannabe superhero, you can always nip to the bathroom!

  3. Breathe deeply for the count of 10

    When you’re nervous, your breath tends to quicken. Your body is preparing for fight or flight. Take control by inhaling and exhaling slowly and deeply for the count of 10. If you’re a mindfulness fan, then simply concentrating on the breath will be natural to you, but deep slow breathing is very centering for everyone.

  4. Use positive affirmations

Again, use the power of the mind and repeat positive affirmations to yourself. You’ll believe them, and they’ll give you a burst of confidence. Tell yourself that you’re capable and confident. Say to yourself that this employer will want you. Let your inner voice remind you of your potential and skill.

If this feels unnatural, you can prepare in advance by using things others have said about you. This may feel more realistic and believable. Another option is to repeat some of your major achievements in your mind — which also doubles as good interview practice!

A sudden confidence crisis before you head into the interview is very normal. You’re not alone. It’ll be short-lived and will give you some adrenaline that will enable you to succeed. But you can also turn the nerves into confidence using the above hacks.


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