“Back to the Office” Wardrobe Essentials!

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We’ll keep your secret. We know that lockdown has seen you roll out of bed to sit in front of a screen, camera off. If you’ve felt really radical, you might have swapped your PJs for loungewear, popped on a slick of lippy, and shoved on a top that at least made it through the wash in the last month. And don’t ask us to remember what waistbands are—those lockdown brownies were an essential part of the daily routine after all.

However, there’s now a definite light at the end of the tunnel. There are murmurings about going back to the office, and the thought is filling many of us with dread. Of course, we want to see our colleagues again and finally be able to work collaboratively in normal ways. But office attire? What’s that?

Fear not. We’re here to recommend a few select items that’ll have your office wardrobe back up to scratch in no time:

  1. The office shirt

    White or light, a simple, fitted button-up shirt or blouse is the mainstay of the professional wardrobe. It’ll pair with pretty much anything, and the collar keeps things formal. Choose cotton—it’ll look stylish and ensure you’re comfortable after all those days lounging around in t-shirts.

  2. Trousers or skirt

    Next, think about your bottom half. This time, go for dark colours. A plain, well-fitting pencil skirt or slim-fit cropped trousers are on-trend and will work perfectly with your chosen shirt. Be honest with yourself about the lockdown weight gain. You don’t want to be too uncomfortable when you finally swap your joggers for office attire! Well-fitted clothing will bring you confidence instead.

  3. The blazer

    A blazer or two is the trick to transforming yourself from office whizz to professional company representative—essential for any PA or office support worker. With blazers, you get what you pay for. It’s better to have a few high-quality pieces rather than lots that quickly lose their shape.

    Classic navy and grey are very versatile and will give you options. Sand-coloured is also good, but you can always make a statement by going bold and bright!

  4. The shoes

    Have your feet even seen shoes for more than your daily here-we-go-again walk in the last year? Unfortunately, you’re going to have to embrace a radical change here! If you’re not ready to return to heels, gorgeous ballet flats or loafers will be a comfortable halfway house whilst still giving an air of professionalism.

  5. The accessories

Having stuck to fairly plain colours for your professional wardrobe, accessories are your chance to jazz it up. From bright handbags to some colourful statement necklaces, you can transform every outfit with the right additions. This is where you can splurge and treat yourself after the last year.

You’re all set to go! Remember to adjust your choices for your personal preferences and your particular workplace culture. Then, it’s time to look forward to getting back into the London office!


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