Will Remote Working Opportunities Continue after Covid-19?

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The last year has been bizarre to say the least. Many of us were plunged into remote working with little or no forethought or preparation. To begin with, we all felt a bit at sea. But over time, many people have discovered that they like remote working and want to continue with it going forwards. Of course, like many recruitment agencies in London, we know that many of you are desperate to get back into the office too, but it isn’t for everyone.

Here’s why we think that those in office support jobs should still be able to find excellent remote working opportunities in the future.

  1. Temping remotely

    The last 12 months have caused a huge amount of uncertainty for employers, and as such, they’ve been calling for candidates for temporary jobs rather than permanent ones.

    A year ago, we would’ve thought that 95% of temping positions in London had to be done onsite. We now know that’s not the case. With cloud-based technology and the success of our Virtual Support service, employers have learned that they can employ temps remotely. If temps can work remotely, permanent staff certainly can!

  2. Candidate expectations

    To some degree, an employer’s approach to recruitment is always shaped by candidate expectations — greater flexibility, a pension, holiday entitlements, and increasingly, the option to work remotely at least some of the time.

    Millennials and Gen Z’ers are particularly passionate about the latter. A good work-life balance has become important than ever. If employers don’t offer remote working opportunities, they’ll lose out on some of the best candidates.

  3. It broadens the talent pool

    If employers can only look for candidates within a limited geographical area, they’re missing out on talented people who simply can’t travel that far, at least on a daily basis. Now that technology makes remote working possible, employers can look further afield for the best talent.

  4. It saves employers money

    Many previously London-based companies have decided to end their onsite business model. With offices sat empty for a year, often haemorrhaging money in rent, tax, and utilities, many employers have discovered that if the work can be done from home, then it’s much more cost-effective. Virtual companies have much smaller overheads.

  5. Flexible workforces

  There’s always a jostle between the needs of the employer and the employee. Employers need flexible employees, especially in our always-on, 24/7 world. While employees can’t offer unlimited flexibility, they can offer more flexibility, especially when working is easier for them.

If someone’s feeling a little under the weather and don’t fancy the commute but could do some light work, remote working means they can still offer some productivity. Or, if a bid is due in tomorrow and something needs changing, they can feed their family first and then get back to giving it their full attention, rather than rushing because of childcare timings.

Despite the possibilities that the last year has presented, not all employers are able or willing to embrace the potential of ongoing remote working. But if remote working is now a priority for you, we’re sure that you’ll be able to find opportunities moving forwards. Get in touch and we’ll help you find the job you’re looking for.


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