Mastering a Job Hunting Phone Call

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As a PA recruitment agency, we know that there’s often more than one reason why a hiring manager wants to talk to you on the phone. They won’t just be confirming the details of your interview. When it comes to office support and PA jobs in London, they’ll almost certainly be checking your phone manner and skills too.

In a world dominated by email, it’s easy for our ability to talk on the phone to grow rusty. However, if you want your job hunt to be successful, you’re going to need to (re)gain some mastery.

Here are our top tips for professional phone etiquette and skill:

  1. Preparation

    Always be prepared when you speak on the phone. If you’re making the call, you should be sat down with any relevant information to hand. However, even if you’re caught on the hop, you should always have a pen and paper to hand so that you can make notes. Take a big deep breath before you answer too!

  2. Enunciate!

    We’re often surprised at how many people mumble on the phone. You need to speak clearly and enunciate your words. If the person on the other end is struggling to hear and constantly saying “pardon?”, take the hint and make sure you talk with more clarity.

  3. Slow down

    Clarity isn’t only down to enunciation, it also concerns speed. When you’re on the phone, it’s good practice to speak a little slower than you would in person. Pace yourself, and give pauses to allow the other person time to think and process what you’re saying. This is particularly important if you’re relaying something that they need to write down.

  4. Introduce yourself

    Never launch straight in. The introduction is a chance to show your professionalism. When answering the phone or making a phone call, take a few seconds to explain who you are and why you’re calling.

  5. Fake it till you make it!

    Even if you hate making phone calls, you need to act as if it’s something you do with ease. Put on a smile, and it’ll come across in the tone of your voice! Act confident, even if you don’t feel it.

  6. Language!

    You’re not talking to your mates; you’re trying to impress. Language matters. Remember, you’re hoping to get the job that will involve you representing this person. They want to know that you’ll come across professionally. Try to avoid colloquialisms—even lazy language such as “yeah” needs to be formalised into “yes” for this call.

  7. Ask questions

    Phone calls are communication, and communication often fails because it only goes one way. By asking questions and actively listening to the answer, you’re demonstrating that you understand the other person and are interested in what they’ve got to say.

  8. Sounds like…

Learn the phonetic alphabet, or have it in front of you, so that you can sound ultra-professional when spelling something out. Believe us, you don’t want to be going ‘S for Spiderman’ or ‘D for doughnuts’ if you want to come across professionally!

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