Interview Tips and Tricks from the Insiders

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Interview advice from most recruitment agencies in London can be bland and generic. It doesn’t reveal the juicy titbits that you need to stand out from the crowd. For office support jobs in London, there’s often a large number of candidates invited for interview. What can give you the edge in coming across as the perfect person for the job?

Here are our insider interview tips and tricks as a successful London recruitment agency focusing on office support jobs.

  1. Think beyond words

    At interviews, especially if they’re taking place virtually, candidates often focus on the content of what they say. That’s obviously important, but so is your non-verbal communication. From eye contact (in person, or to the camera) to how you use your hands, non-verbal communication can convey that you are calm, capable, and confident.

  2. Listening is as important as talking

    American businessman Stephen Covey (author of The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People) famously said, “Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.”

    This is particularly true when it comes to interviews! You sit there thinking about your answer and how you can shoehorn something you prepared earlier into it. The problem is that you can inadvertently end up sounding rehearsed and inauthentic, and you can even miss the point.

    Yes, do some prep work in terms of thinking about case studies and examples of achievements in your previous roles, but don’t shape them to particular questions. Instead, listen to what’s actually being asked and answer in line with that.

  3. Don’t talk too much

    Again, as the interviewee, it’s easy to think that your role is to do all the talking. Nerves kick in, and soon you’re dominating the conversation—and an interview is a conversation. It needs to go two ways, and you need to avoid rambling. Remember, you can ask questions too! Pauses aren’t to be feared either; you’re allowed to take your time.

  4. Consider the tone

    From what you wear to how familiarly you come across, you need to consider the tone of this interview for this employer. Try to find out a little about the company culture and the individual interviewing you beforehand, and try to match their style. When you’re in the interview, match your approach to that of the interviewer. That can mean adjusting how formal or familiar you are at a given moment.

  5. Be confident but not arrogant

You need to convey enthusiasm and confidence in your ability, but you also need to come across as a personable team player. You can professionally convey your ability to add value without coming across like you’ll cheese off everyone else in the office! But don’t swing too far the other way by appearing desperate to be hired.

As an interviewee, much of your success will lie in striking the right balance at a given moment. Preparation can help, but you also need to be in the moment and reading the situation, coming across as genuine, confident, and communicative.

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