How to Write the Experience Section of Your CV

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When it comes to both permanent and temporary office support jobs in London, your CV is the weapon in your arsenal for selling yourself. However, for many people, writing a CV fills them with trepidation. After all, it’s not something you get to practice very often! So, how can you perfect your CV so that you stand out from the crowd?

We’ve got loads of CV writing tips, but one section that particularly needs your time and attention is the experience section. Nailing it is often the key to nailing the whole thing.

Experience matters

As you’ll know from reading any job advert, employers are almost always interested in your experience.

As a London recruitment agency, we can tell you that it’s not unusual for a hiring manager to turn to the experience section on a CV before they even look at anything else.

While your CV should be punchy, succinct, and no longer than two pages of A4, it’s the experience section that should make up the bulk of it.

Typically, candidates face one of two problems here:

  1. You don’t have much experience: Here you need to consider how to highlight the experience you do have, even if it’s from other areas of your life. You can always gain more experience for your CV by doing temporary jobs in London, precisely so that you have more to showcase here. Search for temporary jobs in London.
  2. You’ve got loads of experience: Conversely, if you are experienced, it’s difficult to keep things short and meaningful when you’ve got a lot of information to impart. Here, it’s vital to focus on the experience that’s most relevant for the job that you’re applying for. Use bullet points and focus on the experience you have now, today, not from 10 years ago.

Make it achievements-orientated

Experience sections on CVs can become flat and meaningless if they’re simply a list of duties that you’ve performed. What the hiring manager is looking for is experience that will add value to their business. This means it needs to be applicable.

The way you can do this is to explain how you added value to your current employer. Did you deliver a project under budget or before a deadline? These are valuable pieces of information to include.

Be gap aware!

We know that you don’t want to show off your experience gaps, but you need to be aware of them so that you can foresee how an employer will view them. If you know you’ve got a gap in your experience that an employer is looking for, own it. Consider how your other experience is transferrable and perhaps explain this in the cover letter.

But be honest with the experience you do have. In an interview, employers and recruiters can spot a fib when it comes to experience, and they’ll be mightily annoyed if you’ve wasted their time—not to mention how excruciating the experience will be for you.

If you think you’re missing vital experience, then speak to us. We can help you get that experience through things like temporary jobs in London or free software training.


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