How to Pick Your Temping Agency in London

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There are loads of recruitment agencies in London. Some cover temping roles, some don’t. However, even if you narrow them down to those recruiting for temporary jobs in London, they aren’t all the same. Some will be great for you as an employer, and some won’t hit the mark.

You need to find a London temp agency that specialises in finding candidates for the role you’re looking to fill. For example, we’re specialists in all office support and PA roles.

You’ll also need an agency that can find the right candidate for you. On top of that, you want competitive fees. It’s a tough job, and there’s the candidate’s side of the coin to consider too!

Finding temp work in London — best for candidate, best for employer

Fortunately, what makes a great temping agency for a candidate makes it a great agency for businesses looking to hire temps too.

As we say, the first step is to look for a specialist. The vast majority of London temping agencies recruit anyone and everyone for any and every role. Have a look at the niches that they excel in and where their skills and knowledge lie. At Love Success, we focus on office-based positions with a clear focus on support roles. That means that we’re great for employers and candidates looking for roles in accounting, HR, secretarial, PA, and similar.

Whether you’re an employer or a candidate, find out what the agency expects of the latter. Do they expect little more than an emailed CV, or do they actively seek more? For example, do candidates need to be able to demonstrate their skills, such as with Microsoft Office? Does the agency do anything to help build their skills? For example, we offer free software training so that we can be certain that all of our candidates will be up to scratch.

You should also expect a reputable agency to go further. They should do the legwork to obtain references, screen candidates, and even assess things such as the candidate’s Right to Work in the UK.

Narrowing down your choices for a temping agency

You may feel confident at this stage to go ahead and get in touch. Talk with the agency about your requirements, either as a candidate or an employer, and get a good feel for who you’ll be working with. You want to get a sense of a clear communication style with a commitment to your needs.

If you need more reassurance to help you choose, there are some other good options. Do they have an active Facebook page with a good following? Do they provide value and help to employers and candidates? Do they have a blog that perhaps shares the experiences of candidates like you?

At some point, it’s time to pick up the phone! Ask how they are managing to meet temp work in London requirements with pandemic restrictions still ongoing. Ask about their procedures and processes for temps and how they manage things such as holiday pay. Ask what their backup plan is should a particular candidate not be available. Finally, ask if there are other options, such as a virtual support service.

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