Top 10 Secret Tips to Nail a Job Interview

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At our London recruitment agency, we give lots of solid advice to candidates about preparing for interview and writing CVs etc. However, there are a few other little tips that are worth sharing with you too. These aren’t the big whammies about preparing competency-based answers or doing your research on the company, but when combined with those things, these secrets work to leave a favourable impression — they’re the icing on the cake.

So, here are our top 10 secret interview tips for office support jobs in London:

  1. Be energised

    Ditch sugary food and drinks before an interview as they’ll lead to an energy slump right when your mind needs to be alert and focused. Instead, eat a healthy meal and, like an athlete, have a banana just before you go in.

  2. Dress for confidence

    You’re not just putting on a suit because it’s “interview attire”. Choose your clothing to make you feel mightier and stronger. It’s even worth standing with your hands on your hips in a superhero pose for 10 seconds in the privacy of your bathroom. You’ll be amazed at how confident it makes you feel — and confidence is enticing.

  3. Accept the drink

    If you’re offered a drink, accept and ask for a glass of water, even if you aren’t thirsty. Nerves can quickly make you thirsty later, but having a drink in front of you gives a legitimate way to follow the next secret: It buys you time for thinking.

  4. Count to three before you reply

    Interview nerves make people gabble and answer questions without thinking their answer through. Mentally counting to three before each answer gives your mind time to organise what you’ve prepared and make you appear thoughtful and composed.

  5. Be polite to everyone

    If you’re greeted by a receptionist, make sure you’re polite and engage in eye contact and small talk. It’s not unusual for interviewers to ask receptionists their thoughts on a candidate.

  6. Still your hands

    Nerves can easily get translated into fidgety hands. Place your hands on the desk in front of you or in your lap, one on top of the other. You could also put them around the glass of water.

  7. Observe

    It’s tempting to think that you’re the only one being observed. But an interview is your opportunity too. Assess the interviewers and the surroundings. Can you see yourself working for this company?

  8. Focus on the close

    Your last impression needs to be impressive. Think about what your last statement will be and how you’ll deliver it. Deliver it confidently, and don’t let any awkward silences get filled with nonsense, especially in virtual interviews!

  9. Have a back-up route or plan

    Whether your interview is onsite or online, you need a back-up. If it’s onsite, have a back-up route and transport plan. If it’s online, have a back-up option, such as a mobile number, in case of tech or connectivity issues.

  10. Be authentic

So much preparation goes into an interview that it’s easy to lose sight of who you are. You need to show your true self and personality for both the interviewer’s benefit and your own. You want to know if you’ll fit the workplace culture.

As you can see, these little things can all come together to make you perform exceptionally well at interview, giving you the confidence you need to succeed.


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