The Top 5 Reasons Why You’re Still Unemployed

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Few questions we’re asked are quite as heartbreaking as “why am I still unemployed?”, especially when uttered by a candidate who, on the face of it, most definitely shouldn’t be. It’s disheartening to put weeks and months of effort into a job search only to feel rejected and stuck.

However, it’s also quite a common phenomenon. And the reason your job hunt has stalled can be for various reasons. In our experience as a leading London recruitment agency, here are the top five reasons your job hunt may have stalled:

  1. Your net is too wide

    When it comes to job hunting, a common mistake is to go for anything and everything. You whizz off your CV to a sea of recruitment agencies in London and apply for any role that even vaguely appeals.

    The problem with this approach is that your application is effectively watered down. You’re putting in the time and effort, but it’s being spread too thin. You don’t have time to nurture specific relationships, and each application becomes boringly generic.

    The fix: Consider the next position that you really want. Then, choose just one London recruitment agency that specialises in that type of role, and build a relationship with them so that you have a consultant dedicated to your job search. Shape your CV for that niche and mould your approach to show employers that you’re committed to this job. Think quality not quantity when it comes to job hunting.

  2. Your CV is task-orientated not result-focused

    Your CV is your calling card. It needs to get you noticed. It’s possible to spend hours creating your CV and it still not do its job. This is because many people are stuck with the idea that their CV should list all of their tasks and duties.

    But this tells prospective employers very little. They don’t need to know what your job description responsibilities are. They do want to know how you added value through your role.

    The fix: Focus on listing results that you’ve achieved and the skills you relied on to achieve them.

  3. You lack relevant experience

    It’s a frustrating place to be: Competing against others who have somehow got the magical experience you lack. You just need to be given the chance. Employers like to see evidence of experience because it shows what you’ll be like on-the-ground.

    The fix: Be honest with yourself about the experience you lack and seek it out as a step to your next permanent role. An excellent way to plug any experience gap is through temp work in London.

  4. You’re a passive job-seeker rather than an active job-hunter

    You can’t sit and wait for the right job to land in your lap. It’s not enough to just phone up a London recruitment agency and expect them to do all the work. The reality is that they’ll commit themselves more to candidates who show that they’re keen to get going. These candidates are proactive and compelling to hire.

    The fix: Be a proactive candidate. Keep in touch with your recruitment consultant. Follow up on applications. Show interest by developing new skills, the lack of which meant you were pipped at the post for the last role you applied for.

  5. You’ve taken your foot off the accelerator

We get it, job hunting is exhausting. You start out with brilliant intentions, and then you start to lose momentum and confidence. Your unemployed routine has got you stuck in a rut, and it’s really difficult to muster up the energy to send yet another application out into the ether.

  The fix: Set yourself daily and weekly job-hunting goals and objectives. Regain a sense of purpose so that you can keep up the drive needed.

We know that being unemployed is a tough spot to be in, for multiple reasons. You don’t have to stay there. We can help. Get in touch on 020 7870 7177.


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