Are You Job Hunting and Moving House?

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Handling The Stress Of Job Hunting On The Move

Job hunting is a stressful process - that we all know. Searching for a job can make us feel unsettled and anxious, especially if it isn’t going so well. It’s very normal to feel all of these things when you are job hunting. Throw in the additional stress of looking for a job in a new city - or even country - and it can really start to affect you. However, there are several ways in which you can reduce stress, both when job hunting and moving in to a new home.


Stay organised

This is a fairly obvious tip. However, stress can often lead us to act impulsively and thoughtlessly, resulting in disorganisation. Staying on top of all of your tasks and to-dos during the move can help you to compartmentalise your job hunting.

Keeping an updated to-do list for your house move and any job applications can really help. Break down your move into small, manageable tasks to help you to have a clear overview of everything you need to get done.

Take regular breaks


Make a reasonable action plan that will help you to complete all of your tasks without getting burnt out, leaving extra room for breaks. For example, if you manage to set up your energy bills in your new home on one day, schedule a job interview for the following day, to allow your brain time and space to breathe.

Are you moving into a rented property? If the answer is yes, then the process of setting up your utility bills will change slightly. This is because your landlord will take on most of the responsibility when it comes to setting up your utility bills. Of course, you are still packing up your life to move to a new home, however, you can be reassured that you won’t have to worry about all the stress of a new home.

Be kind to yourself

Don’t worry if things take a little longer than you thought they would, or if you encounter some bumps in the road. Moving house and finding a job - especially at the same time - rarely go smoothly, however you can mitigate the potential setbacks along the way.

We can help with any of your recruitment requirements, and our friends at Paper Nest can help with the set up of your utility bills.


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