Typical Interview Questions for PA Jobs in London

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We’re unusual amongst recruitment agencies in London because we don’t try to do it all. But we are experts in our field: Office support and PA recruitment. As such, we know a thing or two about securing PA jobs in London, and we know what employers are looking for. Specifically, we can help you prepare for a PA interview.

So, here are the most common questions that come up in interviews for PA jobs:

Why will you fit our company?

More than other roles, a PA is the face of the company. You need to fit in seamlessly. The interviewer wants to know why you’ll be the perfect representative for their company.

This means you have to do your homework. Read up about the company and its culture. Then consider which of your skills and aptitudes fit the bill.

How do you stay motivated as a PA?

Here, the interviewer is acknowledging that some parts of the role will be more mundane than others. They’re looking for evidence that you can remain enthusiastic and productive at these times.

This is when you need to get creative. You need to give evidence of times in the past when you didn’t let boredom slip into lethargy. You also need to explain why motivation isn’t a problem for you. For example, explain why your love for attention to detail makes data entry far from dull.

How do you prioritise your tasks as a PA?

Your interviewer may be revealing their concerns here. They want to know that you’re a planning and organisational whizz. They’ll need more than words, too. Think of concrete examples of how you organise things so that deadlines are met and nerves don’t unravel.

The best way to do this is to talk through a typical day or your workload and how you approach it. This is a good time to refer to any apps, strategies, or tools you use.

What have you done to develop your skills as a PA?

This question is digging to find out how conscientious you are and how committed you are to a PA career. For example, if you were furloughed in 2020 and had excess time on your hands, the interviewer will want to know how you chose to improve your skills.

Don’t just fall into the trap of listing training courses. You could mention books you’ve read or webinars you’ve attended. If you’re a member of a professional body, mention it here.

Why are you leaving your current PA role?

The interviewer is looking to see if there have been problems that have stemmed from you or whether you’ll be a risk for them to take on.

It’s vital here that you’re not negative about your current or previous employer. Try to remain optimistic, and put a positive spin on your answer. Any other approach will come across as unprofessional.

Prepare for your interview

It’s always important that you take some time to think about the types of question you will be asked in advance of an interview. Your recruitment consultant can also help you prepare.

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