Should I Take a Temp Job When I’m Really Looking for a Permanent One?

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With Brexit and Covid-19 uncertainty, it’s no surprise that there are currently more temporary jobs available in London than permanent ones. It can be disheartening reading through a job listing, thinking it sounds perfect, only to discover that it’s temporary rather than ongoing.

But don’t despair! There are plenty of good reasons why you should seriously consider temporary jobs in London, even if they aren’t necessarily your first choice.

  1. More choice

    Right now, you’re more likely to find the job you‘re looking for being offered on a temp basis. This means you’re more likely to find a job you’re interested in if you’re prepared to consider temping.

  2. Potential

    In our experience as a long-standing recruitment agency, employers are increasingly using temporary jobs as a “trial” to identify the long-term candidate they need. It’s almost like an extra step in the recruitment process.

  3. Flexibility

    When faced with the current hardships, it can be difficult to turn down a job, even when you know it’s not ideal for you. By accepting a temp role, it’s easier to stay on the lookout for what you really want.

  4. Experience

    Temporary jobs can be brilliant for building your experience. Whilst a permanent role’s recruiting manager will typically be looking for the perfect match, there’s more room for growth with temporary jobs. As long as you can show that you’re prepared to learn and work hard, they’re a great way of gaining invaluable experience.

  5. Networking

    You never know how opportunities will present themselves. Whether you’re new to an agency and need to prove your worth as an exceptional candidate or simply need to meet some people in the industry, temping is brilliant for making connections and building your network, ready for the next opportunity.

  6. Skills

    Temp work in London is brilliant for building your skillset. With just one employer, it’s easy for your skills to grow stale. The only real way to stretch and develop them is to work for someone else.

  7. Takes the pressure off

Lastly, taking a temporary job can save you from taking a permanent one that really doesn’t suit you but you feel you have to do because of finances. Taking such a permanent job is more likely to lock you in, and you’ll find it harder to leave. With a temp position, you can keep your options open for a suitable position in the future — they will expect you to be looking.

Taking a temporary job when you’re looking for a permanent position isn’t a bad move. In fact, it can open doors and provide a springboard to greater success in the future. It can help you in a myriad of ways, leaving you perfectly positioned when the right job comes up.

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